Improve efficiency as you
reduce carbon emissions.

End-to-end support for your decarbonization journey

EnOS™ Solution Suite

The EnOS™ Solution Suite addresses the full range of challenges you’ll face in your journey to net zero.

It provides a real time view of carbon emissions across all your operations, gives you tools to pro-actively manage down your carbon footprint, bring renewable energy online and even helps you strategically engage with energy and carbon offset markets.

All our solutions are built on EnOS™, our programmable platform-as-a-service that runs on premises, on edge devices and on public clouds. Now in its second generation, EnOS™ manages over 220 million devices and 400GW of energy.

EnOS™ Infrastructure

EnOS™ AIoT Platform

AI meets IoT on a single intelligent operating system

EnOS™ Cloud

The platform for digital connectivity

EnOS™ Edge

The intelligent edge computing platform

EnOS™ Renewables​

Make power generation from renewable sources more reliable, predictable and efficient across all your assets.

EnOS™ City

Solutions for transforming infrastructure. Connect your buildings, factories, ports, industrial parks and vehicles to understand and control energy consumption, making all your operations more efficient.

EnOS™ Ark

An innovative Carbon Management solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to make your energy consumption and carbon management more informed, forward looking and efficient. Use EnOS™ Ark to reduce your compliance costs and optimize energy use as you transition to Net Zero.