Smart Wind

To thrive as the world transits into a renewable energy economy,
traditional wind farms need to capture untapped potentials.

Wind power utilities, grid operators, and retailers can improve the production and reduce operating cost by:

  • Selling in higher price in spot market: by predicting more accurate power output and proactively managing the work windows
  • Reduce the grid penalty: by responding to the grid command more precisely with EMS
  • Revealing energy loss to find the reasons and set KPI’s to improve people and machine behavior
  • Enabling fleeting monitoring to reduce the local operators
  • Predict major component failures to reduce unplanned downtime loss and save cost by repairing rather than replacement

Envision Digital’s Smart Wind Solutions

Improve wind farm transparency

 EnOS™ Monitoring for Wind enable fleet monitoring for any kind of turbines, by normalizing data tags and turbine status to the standard defined by customer. It calculates all KPI’s and make your production loss transparent.

Explore EnOS™ Monitoring for Wind Capabilities

  • Realtime normalization and track all the turbine and BoP tags
  • Instant Alarm to inform turbine issues and trigger process
  • Industry KPI’s are embed and support customized report
  • Historical data tags online exploration and download

Enable prognostic health management

 EnOS Advanced Analytics for Wind can detect the subhealth of turbine control and major components based the SCADA data, vibration CMS data, add-on sensor data.

Explore EnOS™ Advanced Analytics for Wind Capabilities

  • Detect control system issues to identify power curve underperformance reasons
  • Detect major components subhealth to reduce the loss caused by deteriorating and unplanned failure
  • Detect sensor problems as the support for subhealth alarm accuracy and data quality
  • Service Request management for handling the issues

More accurate power forecast with NWP enabled by AIoT

Based on HPC, Forecaster integrates massive meteorological data globally to provide 4h-168h ahead, 1x1km, 15min resolution renewable power forecast with higher precision.

Explore Forecaster Capabilities

  • Highly accurate weather forecast by integrating the most accurate NWP globally
  • More reliable power forecast with 1 x 1 km NWP dedicated to every wind farm on HPC
  • Improve efficiency of wind turbines with weather forecast and algorithm based on latest AIoT technology
  • Provide long term prediction, regional prediction, probability forecast for electricity spot market

Key Benefits

How does Envision Digital’s comprehensive Smart Wind power solutions help wind farm owners and operators achieve high ROI?

Through a multitude of AIoT techniques and industry best practices.

Bid higher price in spot market with

more accurate power forecast

Reduce local operators

by real time fleet monitoring in remote center

Reduce major corrective loss

by detecting turbine major components subhealth

Become grid-friendly

by responding to grid active and reactive power command precisely

Make performance transparent

by configuring industry or customized KPI’s

Reduce grid penalty

through less power forecast error

Customized dashboard

with flexible and powerful tools for configuring pages dedicated to individuals

Enable seamless integration

with third-party task management and work order management systems