Smart Ports

Ports and terminal operators today need to maintain a competitive advantage amid a fast-paced digital environment while meeting the energy transition imperative. Future-proof your ports by redefining energy efficiency and get closer to net zero emissions by increasing your renewables mix. 

Port and terminal operators can turn ports into innovative facilities that offer world-class port services while meeting the sustainability agenda by:

  • Optimizing energy use through actively managing consumption and energy purchase, as well as maximizing renewable energy production and storage.
  • Reducing the need for human intervention in energy operations and channel valuable human capital into high-value business areas.
  • Visualizing patterns among vessels, containers, equipment, infrastructure location, weather and things to uncover insights for optimal operations.
  • Run more efficient port operations with advanced and highly-accurate weather and energy forecasts.

Case Study: Smart Spaces (Smart Ports)

Singapore's PSA Decarbonizes the Future with Smart Grid

How can one of the world’s busiest ports champion a more sustainable society?

Envision Digital’s Smart Port Solutions

Connected Energy Management

Gain energy visibility and respond intelligently across your port operations.

What is Connected Energy Management?

Integrating Information Technology (IT), Operation Technology (OT) and Energy Technology (ET), it enables centralized energy management across your port operations on an intelligent, integrated platform. Helping port and terminal operators optimize complex energy use, so you lower both costs and carbon emissions.

Explore Connected Energy Management Capabilities

  • Centrally manage the energy use of your port across facilities.
  • Optimize complex energy use with advanced analytics that automates the energy management and control process. So you keep your port fully operational while reducing energy consumption.
  • Increase renewable energy use to lower costs and carbon emissions.
  • Turn your port into a reliable microgrid to offer energy-as-a-service.
  • Realize dramatic cost savings by optimizing energy use across port facilities.

Integrated Operation Center

The core of a smart port.

What is Integrated Operation Center?

Ports are a vital link between ships, trading businesses, port authorities, shipping lines, storage providers, and more.The Integrated Operation Center acts as the core of a smart port. It simplifies operations on a day-to-day basis and during incidents.

Explore Strategic Management for Smart Industrial Parks Capabilities

  • Gain rapid, accurate insights on your industrial park’s energy production, use & emission with advanced analytics that enable informed, data-driven decision-making.
  • Enhance infrastructure and asset health across the park with predictive and preventive maintenance strategies.

Full M2M Efficiency

Machine-to-machine technologies automate complex, labor-intensive facility management.

What is Full M2M Efficiency?

Machines orchestration helps port operators to automate the maintenance scheduling of equipment such as quay cranes & rail gantry cranes without impacting day-to-day operations. This enabled intelligent, real-time collaboration across these machines to improve port operations.

Explore Full M2M Efficiency Capabilities

  • Track and optimize asset performance across asset types with centralized Asset Performance Monitoring.
  • Lengthen asset lifespan with predictive fault detection and preventive maintenance.
  • Manage and optimize all asset types easily, including ground vehicles, lifting equipment, batteries, fire & gas systems, and more.
  • Simplify complex, manual processes with automated workflows and alerts.
  • Lower operating costs with higher performing equipment and less manual labor.
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Net Zero Carbon

Utilize 100% green energy. Cut energy costs while decarbonizing the future.

What is Net Carbon Zero?

Net Carbon Zero helps ports orchestrate energy smarter by tapping on more renewable energy sources and reducing energy usage. While significantly cutting energy costs.

Explore Net Carbon Zero Capabilities

  • Create a smart grid within your port to optimize energy operations.
  • Enable peak shaving by proactively manage supply and demand.
  • Maximize green energy storage for peak energy supply periods by charging batteries intelligently and autonomously.
  • Develop new revenue streams by trading excess renewable energy via secure renewable energy certificate (REC) Trading Hub.
  • Create new revenue models with virtual power plants that can deliver power to grids and other buyers, on demand.

Key Benefits

How does Envision Digital’s comprehensive Smart Port solutions help port and terminal operators achieve high ROI and rapid time to value?
Through a multitude of innovative techniques and industry best practices.

Enhance Productivity, Reduce Costs

Automate complex, labor-intensive facility management processes to reduce human intervention and errors, improve productivity, and lower costs.

Increase Resilience

Create thriving ports that are also resilient to external shocks and unexpected scenarios. Get full visibility into port operations and harness predictive models to enable better planning.

Make Data-Driven Decision-Making

Improve decision-making across the port with EnOS™ that breaks down data silos and connects systems and devices. Make decision-making a data-driven science.

Attain Net Zero Emissions

Help tenant businesses meet increasing green building regulations while attaining net zero emissions status.

World-Customer Experience

Deliver seamless port operations that translate into outstanding experiences for your port stakeholders – from vessels to businesses, to shipping lines, carriers, and port authorities.