Smart Plants
Empowered factories and assets.

How can manufacturers and the process industry accelerate the path towards a smarter future?
Digital plants offer a step change in performance gains and environmental impact.
But simpler and smarter
solutions are needed to enable them.

Manufacturers, process industry companies, and factory owners can radically improve the performance of plant operations by:

  • Supporting the energy needs of a smart, fully automated plant via remote monitoring and control.
  • Optimizing complex energy use in plants via connected energy management to dramatically reduce costs and carbon emissions.
  • Enhancing production efficiency with predictive analytics that identifies and rectifies potential asset and energy issues before they occur.
  • Lower costs by improving asset health and extending asset lifespan.

Case Study: Smart Plants

Indorama Builds Sustainability into Operations with Digital Platform Pilot

How can digital platform technology help a leading chemical manufacturer become energy efficient?​

Air conditioning of buildings. Background of ventilation pipes. Laying of engineering networks. Industrial background

Envision Digital’s Smart Plants Solutions

Digital Twin Modeling

Make a virtual replica of your physical assets and optimize your assets digitally, and in real-time.

What is Digital twin Modeling?

Digital Twin Modeling creates a virtual replica of a physical object or system, known as digital twins. With innovative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT), your data from digital twins are turned into insights – to optimize business processes and outcomes.

Explore Digital Twin Modeling Capabilities

  • Monitor your shopfloor equipment or network of assets in real-time – from usage to performance data, and more.
  • Identify asset issues and preemptively manage them to improve asset health and manufacturing productivity.
  • Turned asset and manufacturing insights into automated processes that optimize business outcomes.
  • Foster innovation in product design, manufacturing, asset management, and supply chain.

Connected Energy Management

Gain energy visibility and respond intelligently across your shopfloors and factories.

What is Connected Energy Management?

Connected Energy Management enables centralized energy management across your shopfloors and/or factories on an intelligent, integrated platform. Helping plant owners to optimize complex energy use, so you lower both costs and carbon emissions.

Explore Connected Energy Management Capabilities

  • Centrally manage the energy use of your factories across geographically distant locations.
  • Optimize complex energy use with advanced analytics that automates the energy management and control process. So you keep your plants fully operational while reducing energy consumption.
  • Increase renewable energy use to lower costs and carbon emissions.
  • Turn your plant into a reliable microgrid to offer energy-as-a-service.
  • Realize dramatic cost savings by optimizing energy use across shopfloors and factories.

Predictive Maintenance

Proactively identify and rectify asset issues to maximize asset availability, health, and lifespan.

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive Maintenance helps you move from reactive to proactive in asset management. It does so by giving you actionable insights attained from combining IoT, asset, and other system data with advanced technologies, including AI, machine learning, and more.

Explore Predictive Maintenance Capabilities

  • Improve visibility across disparate assets by monitoring equipment behavior remotely.
  • Gain greater insight about asset performance through engineering simulations.
  • Enhance asset availability, performance and long-term health with IoT-enabled predictive maintenance data that empower asset operators and service providers.
  • Lower maintenance costs with alerts that optimize maintenance schedules and reduce downtime.
  • Realize cost savings through energy savings and improved energy asset lifespan.

Key Benefits

How does Envision Digital’s comprehensive Smart Plants solutions help manufacturers, process industry companies,
and factory owners achieve
high ROI and rapid time to value?

Through a multitude of innovative techniques and industry best practices.

Turn Plant Insights into Business Value

Transform data into new manufacturing processes that enhance productivity, optimize assets, lower costs, and reduce downtime.

Lower Asset and Energy Costs

Achieve cost savings from better asset health and lifespan, as well as amplified energy savings.

Drive Manufacturing Innovation

Unlock new revenue models or create new collaborative processes through intelligent modeling and simulations.