Smart Infrastructure
A revolution in connected places.

How can physical infrastructure like cities, buildings, ports, and vehicles transform at scale
to allow customers to co-create a sustainable future?

By creating a revolution in connected places.

Smart infrastructure allow governments and location owners to better serve constituents and customers. While empowering them to jointly fabricate a more livable, prosperous future. 

How? A smart infrastructure is a people-centric physical or digital environment, where people and systems interact in an open, connected, coordinated and intelligent manner. Empowered by innovative technologies such as AI, edge computing, digital twins and blockchains, smart infrastructure such as smart cities and smart buildings puts people at the heart of technology – whether they are customers, employees, partners, society or other key constituencies. With such technologies being increasingly adopted, smart infrastructure are fast becoming a way of life. 

Explore Smart Infrastructure.


Smart Cities

Cities represent the exuberance of its people. The spirit of its physical environment. Breathe intelligence into the heart of your city and amplify its ability to fuel sustained growth.

  • Get real-time insights to events as they unfold.
  • Understand patterns among people, location, weather, infrastructure, equipment, and things.
  • Respond intelligently and actively co-opt citizens/customers to deliver value proposition to communities and businesses.
  • Optimize energy consumption while maximizing use of renewables by connect your building to smart grids.

Smart Buildings

We spend 80% of our lifetime in buildings. Live, work and play better – with intelligence woven into your built environment.

  • Gain actionable insights by connecting and analyzing data across the entire building.
  • Personalize building experience to occupants’ changing needs with intelligent, automated solutions.
  • Get the most from your assets with digital twins that optimize performance and predictive maintenance that maximize asset lifespan.
  • Optimize energy consumption while maximizing use of renewables by connect your building to smart grids.

Smart Industrial Parks

Industrial parks are key drivers of economic activity. Create synergistic manufacturing clusters within your industrial park to enjoy energy and production efficiencies – plus champion the goals of tenants and customers who are pursuing greater sustainability and circularity.

  • Create a net zero carbon precinct and turn your industrial park into an eco-industrial park.
  • Build greener infrastructures that maximizes the use of renewable energy.
  • Manage energy intelligently to reduce energy consumption, purchase energy at optimal prices, increase green energy mix.
  • Visualize data and detect patterns to improve efficiency among the park’s buildings, tenants, environment, weather and things.

Smart Ports

Ports and terminal operators today need to maintain a competitive advantage amid a fast-paced digital environment while meeting the energy transition imperative. Future-proof your ports by redefining energy efficiency and get closer to net zero emissions by increasing your renewables mix. 

  • Optimize energy use by proactively managing consumption, as well as renewable energy production and storage.
  • Reduce the need for human intervention in energy operations and channel valuable human capital into high-value business areas.
  • Visualize patterns among vessels, containers, equipment, infrastructure location, weather and things.
  • Run more efficient port operations with advanced and highly-accurate weather and energy forecasts.