Smart Industrial Parks

Industrial parks are key drivers of economic activity. Create  synergistic manufacturing clusters within your industrial park to enjoy energy and production efficiencies – plus champion the goals of tenants and customers who are pursuing greater sustainability and circularity.

Local governments and industrial park operators can turn industrial parks into state-of-the-art locations that attract businesses as well as contribute significantly to sustainable cities by:

  • Creating a net zero carbon precinct and turning your industrial park into an eco-industrial park.
  • Building greener infrastructures that maximizes the use of renewable energy.
  • Managing energy intelligently to reduce energy consumption, purchase energy at optimal prices, increase green energy mix.
  • Visualizing data and detect patterns to improve efficiency among the park’s buildings, tenants, environment, weather and things.

Case Study: Smart Spaces (Smart Industrial Parks)

Suzhou Industrial Park Transforms from Industrial District to Eco-City

Green is the new black. While industrial parks are traditionally synonymous with high energy consumption, Suzhou Industrial Park is turning corners with greenification.

Suzhou-Industrial-Park-Green-Eco -City

Envision Digital’s Smart Industrial Park Solutions


Smart Energy & Industrial Service Hub

The core of a smart industrial park.

What is Smart Energy & Industrial Service Hub?

Integrating Information Technology (IT), Operation Technology (OT) and Energy Technology (ET), the hub provides an AIoT platform that enables park tenants to benchmark and optimize energy demand, reduce emissions and increase efficiency.

Explore Smart Energy & Industrial Service Hub Capabilities

  • Benchmark enterprise energy usage performance and provide suggestions for energy efficiency, improvement and cost reduction.
  • Provide an e-Marketplace for prescreened energy and infrastructure solution providers to sell value added services.
  • Manage equipment performance, asset health and energy load optimization with energy and infrastructure alerts and alarms provided by Smart Park Diagnostic.
  • Real time visualization of energy production, use & emissions with stakeholder dashboard that enables monitoring and optimization of energy consumption and energy efficiency.
Air conditioning of buildings. Background of ventilation pipes. Laying of engineering networks. Industrial background

Strategic Management for Smart Industrial Parks

Empower data-driven decision-making with powerful analytics.

What is Strategic Management for Smart Industrial Parks?

Strategic Management for Smart Industrial Parks consolidates data across different components of an industrial park. From energy management, to environmental sanitation, to equipment status, and more. With powerful monitoring and analytics capabilities, decision-making becomes data-driven. So that industrial parks become efficient and green.

Explore Strategic Management for Smart Industrial Parks Capabilities

  • Gain rapid, accurate insights on your industrial park’s energy production, use & emission with advanced analytics that enable informed, data-driven decision-making.
  • Enhance infrastructure and asset health across the park with predictive and preventive maintenance strategies.
Singapore_Successful Customers_Green Cities

Net Zero Carbon

Utilize 100% green energy. Cut energy costs while decarbonizing the future.

What is Net Carbon Zero?

Net Carbon Zero helps industrial parks orchestrate energy smarter by harnessing more renewable energy sources and lowering energy consumption. While radically cutting energy costs.

Explore Net Carbon Zero Capabilities

  • Lower energy consumption with energy monitoring and smart diagnostics that delivers actionable insights to cut wastage.
  • Deliver personalized experiences across park infrastructures with real-time adaptive asset controls (e.g., personalized temperature, adaptive lighting, intelligent cooling) while cutting energy costs.
  • Develop new revenue streams by trading excess renewable energy via secure renewable energy certificate (REC) Trading Hub.
  • Create new revenue models with virtual power plants that can deliver power to grids and other buyers, on demand.

Key Benefits

How does Envision Digital’s comprehensive Smart Industrial Park solutions help local governments and industrial park operators achieve high ROI and rapid time to value?
Through a multitude of innovative techniques and industry best practices.

Attract Investments, Boost Economic Activity

Attract new businesses and investments with attractive state-of-the-art industrial parks, that are integrated, green cities.

Improve Resiliency to External Shocks

Create a prosperous industrial park that is also resilient to external shocks, including extreme weather conditions. Get full visibility into the industrial park’s operations and harness predictive models to enable better planning.

Drive Productivity, Reduce Costs

Automate complex, labor-intensive facility management processes to reduce human intervention and errors, improve productivity, and lower costs.

Attain Net Zero Emissions

Help tenant businesses meet increasing green building regulations while attaining net zero emissions status.

Enhance Decision-Making Across the Space

Improve decision-making across the entire industrial park with EnOS™ that breaks down data silos and connects systems and devices. Make decision-making a data-driven science.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Deliver outstanding tenant experiences by personalizing buildings and park spaces to users. Monitor tenant energy performance and offer services that help reduce energy consumption.