Smart Buildings

We spend 80% of our lifetime in buildings. Live, work and play better
– with intelligence
woven into your built environment.

Building owners, operators and REITs can offer meaningful experiences and improve the value of your investments by:

  • Getting actionable insights from connecting and analyzing vast data sets across the entire building or building portfolio.
  • Personalizing building experience to occupants’ changing needs with intelligent, automated solutions.
  • Gaining the most from your assets with digital twins that optimize performance and predictive maintenance that maximize asset lifespan.
  • Optimizing energy consumption while maximizing use of renewables by connect your building to smart grids.

Case Study: Smart Spaces (Smart Buildings)

Microsoft Leapfrogs Energy Innovation

Walking the talk. Discover how Microsoft is meeting its net zero goal for itself and its customers.


Envision Digital’s Smart Buildings Solutions


Net Zero Carbon

Harness 100% green energy. Shave energy costs while decarbonizing the future.

What is Net Carbon Zero?

Net Carbon Zero helps buildings orchestrate energy smarter by leveraging renewable energy sources and reducing energy consumption. All while improving building comfort and radically cutting energy costs.

Explore Net Carbon Zero Capabilities

  • Reduce energy consumption with energy monitoring and smart diagnostics that delivers actionable insights to cut wastage.
  • Deliver personalized building experiences while enhancing energy efficiency with real-time adaptive asset controls (e.g., personalized temperature, adaptive lighting, intelligent cooling).
  • Create new revenue streams by trading excess renewable energy via secure renewable energy certificate (REC) Trading Hub.
  • Create new revenue models with virtual power plants that can deliver power to grids and other buyers, on demand.
Air conditioning of buildings. Background of ventilation pipes. Laying of engineering networks. Industrial background

M2M Facility Management

Machine-to-machine technologies automate complex, labor-intensive facility management.

What is M2M Facility Management?

M2M Facility Management helps building owners and operators reduce OPEX with intelligent technologies that optimize asset health and lifespan. Reduce manual labor. And improve overall efficiency.

Explore M2M Facility Management Capabilities

  • Monitor and maximize asset performance across asset types with centralized Asset Performance Monitoring.
  • Extend asset lifespan with predictive fault detection and preventive maintenance via Fault Detection & Diagnostics and Device Lifecycle Management.
  • Easily manage and optimize all asset types, including HVAC, lift, escalators, pumps, water drainage, fire & gas systems, and more.
  • Reduce complex, manual processes with automated workflows and alerts.
  • Cut operating costs with more efficient equipment and less low-value labor.

Net Zero Carbon Key Benefits

  • Maximize consumption efficiency
  • Enhance user comfort
  • Minimize carbon emissions
  • Protect value of building when faced with increasing green building regulations

5-7% (up to 15%)
energy savings

5-7% (up to 30%)
CO2 reduction

higher premium

M2M Facility Management
Key Benefits

  • Lower asset maintenance costs
  • Reduce manpower costs
  • Improve asset service levels
  • Extend asset lifespan
  • Reduce utility (e.g., water) usage
  • Cut OPEX

reduction in full-time employees (cleaning, catering & security)

Up to 30%
O&M reduction

higher premium


Electromobility Solution

Take advantage of the e-mobility upsurge, by turning your smart infrastructure into a green digital grid. Bring the electric revolution to your building.

What is Electromobility Solution?

As nations move towards mainstreaming electric vehicles (EVs), and businesses electrify their fleets to become sustainable, Electromobility Solution helps your smart city or building exploit this trend.

Explore Electromobility Solution Capabilities

  • Optimize your solar production capability with EnWeather and Forecaster.
  • Expand grid capacity by >10X and avoid hefty CAPEX with unique Energy Storage System (ESS) capability.
  • Implement intelligent, green EV charging points that harness 100% green energy, and is operated remotely via mobile devices.
  • Enhance value proposition to tenants and occupants, by allowing car owners to plug EV batteries to stabilize the grid via the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) network
  • Dynamically optimize energy generation, consumption, and storage – to balance demand and supply at the lowest cost
  • Provide users with friendly monthly instalments for usage of EV bundles such as EV chargers, charger installation, 100% green energy, and more.
  • Automatically adjust power consumption based on energy market forecasts to lower costs, with automated demand response.
Authentication by facial recognition concept. Biometric admittance control device for security system. Asian man using face scanner to unlock glass door in office building.

Frictionless Experience

Deliver exceptional tenant/resident experience with seamless IT/OT convergence.

What is Frictionless Experience?

Frictionless Experience offer a selection of features to personalize buildings, rooms, and spaces to users.

Explore Commercial Building Features

  • Automatic access with QR scanning and facial recognition.
  • Automated parking lot management enhances space utilization and revenue.
  • Geo-localization tracks visitors indoors to prevent non-authorized access to restricted facilities.
  • Indoor navigation guides visitors to destination efficiently.
  • Room booking maximize room utility by freeing up no-show room bookings automatically.
  • Personalized temperature adjustment enhances comfort intelligently.

Explore Residential Building Features

  • Auto-detection of intrusion, fire, and water leaks reduce accident risks.
  • Individual load control of appliances, enables demand response and peak shaving to lower utility bills.
  • Convenient access with smart locks and corridor cameras enable remote verification for parcel deliveries.
  • Presence detection and motion sensing using sensors automate home services (e.g., robot vacuums) during absence, or support elderly/disabled/infant needs.

Electromobility Solution
Key Benefits

  • Expand charging capacity 10X without expanding grid connection
  • Protect value of building as EV charging will become a must

self-generated power consumption

energy cost reduction

CO2 reduction

higher premium

Frictionless Experience
Key Benefits

  • Radically improve user experience
  • Lower costs related to process management
  • Minimize losses due to accidents
  • Improve building/space utilization

reduction in full-time employees (reception)

lower power consumption

+3-6% higher premium on rental

Key Benefits

How does Envision Digital’s comprehensive Smart Building solutions
help building owners and operators achieve high ROI and rapid time to value?
Through a multitude of innovative techniques and industry best practices.

Enhance Building Value

Better experiences across the entire building increases the value of your building portfolio. So owners and operators can increase premiums and improve the bottom line.

Achieve Compliance, Accelerate Goal to Net Zero

Help building owners and operators comply with increasing green building regulations. And contribute to a more sustainable future.

Boost Productivity, Lower Costs

Automate complex, labor-intensive facility management processes to reduce human intervention and errors, improve productivity, and lower costs.

Outstanding Customer Experience

Deliver exceptional tenant/resident experiences by personalizing buildings, rooms, and spaces to users. Benchmark tenant energy performance and offer services that help reduce energy consumption.