Case Study: Smart Spaces (Smart Industrial Parks)

Suzhou Industrial Park Transforms
from Industrial Park to Eco-City

What can a large industrial park do to transform itself into a green prosperous city?
With a 4D digital energy network map that offers unparalleled insights.

SIP becomes an Eco-City with innovative technologies from Envision Digital and Enesource.

About Suzhou Industrial Park.

The Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) (also named China-Singapore Industrial Park), a county-level administrative area in Suzhou, China, is the first governmental cooperation project between China and Singapore.

Covering an administrative area of 278 km², it is home to >1.1M people. SIP facilitates innovative industrial development, economic globalization, and urban modernization.

Suzhou Industrial Park’s Challenge.

SIP aims to transform into a smart, low-carbon industrial park.

To achieve its aspirations, SIP knew it needed innovative capabilities to reduce energy consumption, cut emissions, and improve efficiency.


What Suzhou Industrial Park Achieved.

Envision Digital corporates with Enesource to help SIP transform into an Eco-City

Minimize carbon footprint with 4D digital energy network map.

Envision Digital corporates with Enesource to help SIP go green by implementing a 4D digital energy network map for the industrial park. Powered by EnOS™ AIoT platform equipped with digital twin capabilities, SIP can visualize energy generation and emissions in real-time – to actively minimize its carbon footprint.

Improve energy efficiency – across the industrial park.

Robust monitoring and analytics capabilities optimize energy consumption across the industrial park – radically enhancing energy efficiency.

Enhance asset health and performance.

With energy infrastructure alerts and alarms, SIP can improve asset health with preventive maintenance programs. This enhances equipment performance and extends asset longevity.

Understand tenant energy profile to deliver better services.

With the 4D digital energy network map, SIP can benchmark tenant energy usage performance, to design strategies and services that help tenants improve energy efficiency.

Collaborate better with partners and service providers.

The 4D digital network map also allowed SIP to facilitate a services e-marketplace for smart energy and infrastructure service providers to sell value-added-services.

Democratize data to empower better decision-making across SIP’s stakeholders.

Envision Digital and Enesource's capabilities also helped SIP convert energy data into a public resource through an open data platform. This democratizes its data, allowing all stakeholders access to insights for decision-making.