Forecaster for Renewable Energy Operators

Make smarter energy decisions.

“By combining AI, high performance computing, and our advanced in-house atmospheric model with public data, customer observation data, and massive IoT data sets, Forecaster delivers precise renewable power forecasts.”

Reliable, accurate weather and power generation forecasts help you to:

Reduce production loss

Cut power generation losses and enhance revenue by detecting deviations from forecasted power output.

Optimize energy storage systems (ESS)

Operate your ESS more effectively to take advantage of peak power generation weather conditions.

Improve operational planning

Boost production operational planning, increase dispatch efficiency, reduce reliability issues, and cut operating reserves needed in the system.

Build better, safer asset maintenance plans

Plan for extreme weather, with customized medium and long-term weather and power forecasts, to get more out of your renewable assets.

Reduce electricity market and financial risk

Better estimate your output and bid accordingly in electricity markets. Cut the penalties incurred for deviations. Forecast performance and penalty calculation to assess your risks.