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EnOS™ Solution Suite

The EnOS™ Solution Suite is a future-ready collection of applications with built-in intelligent technologies. 

It runs on the world’s leading AIoT operating system – the EnOS™ AIoT Platform. Currently connecting >100M smart devices and managing >200GW energy assets globally, EnOS™ can be deployed on premise or on the cloud.

The EnOS™ Solution Suite helps you digitalize smarter, by enlightening the business with incisive insights. And simplifying processes through intelligent automation.

Explore our Applications

EnOS™ Advanced Analytics

EnOS™ Advanced Analytics transforms data into real-time actionable insights. With advanced data techniques, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and sophisticated statistical methods, users can analyze past and present situations, while simulating future scenarios.

EnOS™ Monitoring

EnOS™ Monitoring enables real-time the monitoring of your assets at the level of data granularity you desire. Access customized workspaces and dashboards to get the highest level of productivity. While future proofing your asset portfolio.


Forecaster is an AI-powered weather forecast that delivers high accuracy predictions. It integrates world-leading numerical weather forecast data from ECMWF, Met Office, NOAA, DWD, CMC, and IBM, as well as 4D observation data from customer sources. Resulting in a highly precise weather forecast model.


Charging by EnOS™

Charging by EnOS™ radically lowers the barriers to Electric Vehicles (EVs) adoption with a smart and cost-effective charging solution for consumers, businesses and cities. With Charging by EnOS™, you will be able to charge your EVs from anywhere – your home, your office or even on the road. Compatible with all EVs, Charging by EnOS™ is now available in Germany and will subsequently be launched across the world.