Case Study: Intelligent Renewables (Smart Solar)

Malaysia's TNB Renewables Meets
Growing Solar Demand with AIoT 

What is Southeast Asia’s largest listed power company doing to meet clean electricity demands nation-wide?
By applying big data analytics on an AIoT platform across large-scale solar farms with >230,000 solar panels.

TRe boosts innovation to meet solar energy demands.

“By adopting cloud-based solutions, we can monitor and analyze the solar farms’ performance remotely, and achieve better returns on investment.

About TRe.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is the only electric utility company in Peninsular Malaysia, and the largest publicly-listed power company in Southeast Asia – with assets worth MYR 99.03B and >8.4 million customers.

TNB Renewables (TRe) Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary wholly owned by TNB.

TRe’s Challenge.

To establish TRe as a leader in the region and achieve Malaysia’s renewable energy goals, the organization knew it needed to evolve. TRe wanted to digitalize the operations of its renewable energy assets, starting with its large-scale solar (LSS) farm in Sepang. The 50 megawatts (MW) solar farm is one of the largest in Malaysia with 238,140 solar panels generating more than 110,000 megawatt-hour (MWh) of energy in its first year of operation in 2019.

TRe partnered Envision Digital to deploy big data analytics on the intelligent EnOS™ AIoT platform across its LSS farms, dramatically enhancing its solar power generation capability. This paved the way for TRe to scale innovation across its operations and meet growing solar demand in Malaysia.

What TRe Achieved.

Envision Digital paved the way for TRe to scale renewable energy innovation.

Optimize LSS farm operation with real-time insights. ​

By integrating all energy assets across its LSS farms on EnOS™ AIoT platform, TRe gained real-time insights to its large-scale, complex 50MW solar farm – including >230,000 solar panels that generates >110,000 MWh energy annually. This helps TRe optimize operations on the LSS farm.

Reduce losses with rapid problem detection.​

With centralized monitoring, TRe gained high visibility to operation status, generation performance, power output, and accurate power forecasts. This allows TRe to swiftly detect errors and reduce power production losses.

Improve efficiency with smart remediation capabilities.​

Cloud-based digital analytics on EnOS™ enables proactive diagnosis and smart corrective actions that intelligently resolve problems. This enhances energy production and keeps the LSS farm running in tiptop condition.

Confidence to expand renewable energy mix across energy portfolio.​

Enhanced operational efficiency has also driven down costs and improved ROI from its LSS farm investments.

Lower cost of operations.

Enhanced operational efficiency has also driven down costs and improved ROI from its LSS farm investments.