Case Study: Smart Spaces (Smart Buildings)

Keppel Land Powers HQ with
100% Green Energy

What is a leading real estate developer doing to radically cut a building’s carbon footprint?
With a smart building platform that made Keppel Bay Tower Singapore’s first zero energy building?

Keppel Land achieves first-ever 100% green commercial building.

Envision Digital’s innovative technologies and expertise were key to the success of the Keppel Bay Tower project. The implementation surpassed its original goal, helping Keppel Land save enough energy to power more than 400 Singaporean homes for a year. The building became Singapore’s first commercial development to be fully powered by renewable energy, achieving the first-ever Green Mark Platinum Zero Energy Commercial Building accolade. 

About Keppel Land.

Keppel Land’s Challenge.

Keppel Land, a subsidiary of Keppel Corporation, a Singapore flagship MNC, is a leader in sustainable urbanization. Its business areas cover energy & environment, urban development, and connectivity and asset management.

Keppel Land is committed to developing and managing low-carbon buildings and integrated townships. It set a target to reduce its carbon emission intensity by 40% below 2010’s level by 2030.

To exemplify its commitment, Keppel Land wanted to reduce the carbon footprint of its corporate headquarters, Keppel Bay Tower. The company knew it needed innovative green technologies solutions to achieve its goals.

What Keppel Land Achieved.
Envision Digital helped Keppel Land power HQ with 100% renewable energy.

Cut energy requirements and costs with improved cooling efficiency.

With auto-optimization of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) built in Envision Digital’s Smart Building platform, Keppel Land enhanced cooling system efficiency. Reducing energy requirements and costs.

Automate energy reduction to eliminate human intervention.

Machine social networking, intelligent comfort awareness, plus smart communication between applications and devices (e.g., chiller plant and air handling unit) automates continuous energy reduction, eliminating human intervention.

Connect disparate systems and devices for single source of truth.

Envision Digital’s cloud-based Smart Building AIoT platform helped Keppel Land eliminate 17 data silos, connect 170 devices, 30 systems, 65 sub-systems, and collect data from >20,000 sources, including people. With the Integrated Facility Management capability, Keppel Land gets a unified view of its energy system across the building to support decision-making.

Ensure compliance to zero-energy and security standards.

Auto reporting and auditing ensures compliance with Green Mark (Zero Energy) certification standards. Connected energy interlock feature helps Keppel Land safeguard its system and personnel security.

Proactive fault detection improves performance.

With Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD), Keppel Land can automatically identify and rectify energy systems faults based on recommended solutions.