Smart Storage

Envision Smart Storage based on the EnOS™ AIoT operating system adopts a product architecture of both cloud and EDGE computing deployment, and integrates subsystems such as lithium-ion battery, BMS, PCS, thermal management, fire protection, etc. to provide specific system solutions for customers according to different application scenarios such as buildings, homes and industries.

Harness the value of our Smart Storage Solutions:

  1. Carefree smart control to generate savings from handling energy in energy storage devices
  2. Additional layer of safety control to enhance safety performance of energy storage devices
  3. Access to asset performance insights anywhere anytime

A) AIoT Defined Storage Solution
Combining the world’s leading battery electrochemical technology with cutting-edge IoT best energy practices, Envision uses intelligent IoT technology to carry out OEM-level cooperation in full lifespan battery management for overall optimization and cross-field synergy application which can unlock the value of batteries across their whole life cycle.

Smart storage solution integrates with AIoT battery, Energy Storage system and digital technologies, and is focusing on,

  • Performance management – online monitoring of status of each cell, the status and aging model to maximize the performance of storage system. E.g. charge/discharge consistency management based on estimation of key characteristics of SOC, SOH, resistance by AI modelling.
  • Thermal management – modelling of thermal distribution in storage system and compare with real-time status to monitor potential risks.
  • Assets evaluation – real-time status of battery and residual life estimation to evaluate the present value of storage system.

Repack strategy of batteries – similar batteries are selected based on estimation of key status and aging model, to create the value of second life of battery.

Figure 1—AIoT battery

B) Industrial Leading Track Record
Envision’s track record has seen our Smart Storage solution adopted across Asia, and is already managing over 70 units of energy storage assets from kWh through to MWh

C) Customizable Smart Control based on Use-case
EnOS™ cloud and EnOS™ EDGE computing infrastructure provides large flexibility of control and optimization that supports all kinds of application scenarios.

Use-case of Smart Storage:

  • Convert 50Hz electricity to 60Hz for off-shore consumption
  • Collect and recycle 60Hz off-shore energy for shipyard usage
  • Shift the peak demand of the shipyard

Use-case of Smart Storage:

  • Integrate with floating solar to achieve All-time Zero Energy Import
  • Backup the critical load in the laboratory