Smart Network

A smart energy network that dynamically optimizes energy generation, EV charging, energy consumption in buildings, factories etc., balancing energy demand and supply in real time

Vehicle to Grid (V2G)

Integrate electric vehicles into smart energy network. Turn an EV battery into a personal green power station that helps stabilize the grid, promote renewables integration and decarbonize the balancing market.

Harness the value of our V2G solutions

  1. Turn EV batteries into mobile green power stations, harnessing value from frequency regulation, price arbitrage/energy consumption optimization.
  2. Maximize useable life of the battery through lifecycle battery health monitoring and real-time optimization
  3. Capture synergies of V2G with other EnOS managed assets (e.g. renewable generation, ESS, building HVAC) to create a more robust smart energy network

Value for different stakeholders

For Grid Companies

Stronger, smarter, greener grid, for grid company: save in infrastructure costs & release pressure on investment timelines; Increase the market liquidity by enlarging the pool of flexibility (TSO, DSO)

For Automotive OEMs

Lower TCO and greater adoption of EV, for automotive OEMs

For Electric Vehicle Owners

Additional revenue from battery, for EV owners

Key advantage

Integrated Software – Hardware Solution

We provide a one-stop solution in V2G, including smart bidirectional charger, ESS, aggregation software etc.

Broader synergies with the energy network

In addition to EV batteries, EnOS manages a large number of renewable generation assets, stationary storage, and smart buildings, thus creating a truly integrated smart energy network from end to end.

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