Smart Cities

By 2050, the majority of the world’s population will be living in cities. Learn how Envision Digital’s AIoT platform can enable Smart Cities to transform at scale and better manage their energy towards a sustainable future.

Why we focus on Energy?

Born from Energy

We have been focusing on a new world of sustainable energy since 2007. From manufacturing to integrated systems, out offerings span renewable energy and beyond.

Build for Sustainability

Cities require an uninterrupted energy supply to ensure activity and the majority consumption happens in buildings. Our mission is always for a sustainable future.

How we empower?

Reach via Intelligence

We combine EnOS™ with domain understanding, and provide end-to-end digitalisation solution for buildings and so on, aiming to break data silos and bring insight in a lucid, elegant way.

Manage by Lean

We help achieve continuous improvement and lean management by realtime data stream, big data and AI, so to improve long-term efficiency.


The new urban intelligent AIoT cloud platform developed enables smart city operations for governments to better serve the citizens.


Comprehensive Device Management

EnOS™️, which is Envision Digital’s AIoT Platform, provides technical capabilities from full-lifecycle device management to data analytics. As an open platform, EnOS™️ enables domain applications to be built easily on top

Powerful Data Analytics

Creating smart cities require the breaking down of data silos, and EnOS™️ provides data analytics to transform data into powerful insights

Advanced Machine Learning

Supporting domain modelling, we have the AI/Machine learning and rich set of data tools to achieve data contextualization and synergy.

Rapid Application Development:

Our domain applications for smart cities enable rapid development for safety, energy, environment, water, estate management and more.


Data In One

We make it easy for you to build and tailor your data lake, allowing you to securely store, categorize, and analyse all your data-in-one centralized repository. This provides real time and predictive analytics to improve overall equipment effectiveness, service levels, product quality and supply chain efficiency.

Lower IT/OT Convergence Cost

Lowering your total cost of entry with Cloud based solutions, EnOS™️ AIoT Operating System focuses on improving business operations and innovation. With minimum upfront investment and nearly unlimited demand capacity, you can focus on differentiating your business.

Data-Secure Platform

Cloud security is the highest priority. When your OT infrastructure leverages EnOS™️, you benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-stringent organizations.

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