Smart Buildings

Enhance the value of your property with our intelligent, user-focused products and solutions

  1. Transform silo data from your buildings into real-time insights
  2. Increase operational efficiencies with easier access and visualization of data
  3. Simple to use building performance and tenant experience analytics

Make buildings about people

More Comfort for

More Efficient for
Facilities Management

More Value for
Property Owners

Key advantages

Prevent not fix
Reduce unplanned downtime by flipping maintenance from reactive to pro-active.

Keep improving
Alerts that leverage your expertise and experience. Combine with AI and Machine Learning to improve your operational efficiency.

Insights that matter. Insights at a glance
Insights into what matters to your customers. Insights that are immediately available and easy to understand.

Features and Functionalities

Energy Management

With up-to-the-minute energy consumption insights available at any time and at a device level granularity, level up your operations and find hidden savings across your entire building.

Indoor Environment Management

By integrating all indoor environment data such as air quality, thermal comfort, occupancy and so on, we empower the building owner with a full picture of tenant well-being inside the property. Tenants’ comfort translates to longer-term rentability.

Device Management

Bring transparency across all your assets. Enhance operational efficiency with user-defined status logic and configurable performance targets to ensure you hit your goals.

Alert Center

Customize what and when you receive alerts, collaborate on fixing incidents and manage building and equipment alerts all in one place – Allowing you to focus on what you really need to focus on.

Analysis Tool

Easily investigate your data to find opportunities for improvement. Equip your teams with easy-to-use tools to perform sophisticated analysis.