Ensight™ Wind

As a key renewable energy, wind farms have been fast adopters of AIoT. Learn how Envision Digital has helped some of the world’s largest wind producers with OT/IT convergence, allowing them to integrate more renewable energy into the grid.


Underperformance Analysis

Pitch: Detect significant changes in the pitch schedule of a turbine due to software updates, actuator failures, or firmware errors. Large scatter in the data typically is indicative of a performance issue. Erroneous curtailment signals, pitch actuator failures, or problematic firmware upgrades are detected easily.

Torque: Ensight™ identifies suboptimal torque settings that can limit the energy output potential. Continuous torque tuning recommendations adapt to real time changes in turbine performance.

Yaw: Detect wind vane misalignment by comparing turbine performance across the farm. Correcting for yaw misalignments can save up to 3% of annual energy production losses with no hardware changes.

Derates: Ensight™ continuously monitors power curve data to detect anomalous conditions during which a turbine is being derated from its normal power production configuration.

Icing: Ensight™ automatically detects icing conditions to quantify loss and inform strategies for improved operations through challenging weather events.

Wake loss: Ensight™ computes loss due to wake effects in the wind farm, and includes interactive tools and modeling to compare expected versus actual losses to inform improvement strategies and future farm designs

Ensure Turbine Health

Ensight™ maximizes the value of conventional SCADA data by continually analysing component temperature data in conjunction with physical modelling of turbine operations to detect possible erosion or wear in key components.

Advance notification of growing problems can be used to drive optimized maintenance schedules to minimize system downtime and failure.

Ensight™ actively monitors the health of the turbine

  • Generator
  • Gearbox
  • Main bearing
  • Tower foundation
  • Nacelle & hub
  • Pitch motors

Blade Health Analysis with Smart Sensors

Using acoustic samples collected by a conventional microphone, Ensight™ can find blade surface anomalies including damage such as cracks, surface erosion, or improperly mounted instrumentation.  The measurement system is simple in that only one data channel is needed, and can even be collected by a technician’s cell phone.

Advanced signal processing algorithms detect statistically significant variations in acoustic emissions from the blades, looking at both spectra and amplitudes, and can accurately identify blades needing short term versus long term repair.

Capture Subtle Power Curve Details

Operational, aerodynamic, and customizable power curve analysis tools enable you to recognize, understand, and filter out anomalous data quickly. Compare data among different turbines in a farm relative to the vendor’s prescribed power curve, and reduce data uncertainty for a cleaner power curve. These powerful features enhance underperformance detection to maximize energy yields, and improve OEM and O&M accountability.

Optimize Your O&M Strategy

Our corrective action dashboard summarizes potential problems detected by our analytics engine, and the possible revenue impact if left uncorrected. Set filters, sort columns, update issues status, and view details for suggestions on how to address each specific issue.