Ensight™ Solar

New machine social networks are playing an increasingly important part in accelerating the deployment of renewables like solar. Find out how you can optimize the performance and operational efficiencies of your assets through their lifecycle with technology.

About Ensight™ for Smart Solar

Offered as a SaaS application built on top of Envision’s EnOS™, Ensight™ automatically cleans, categorizes, and analyzes your photovoltaic system’s operational data to calculate meaningful metrics, produce insightful reports, and recommend corrective actions to improve system performance and health. We also offer Ensight™ analytics as professional analytics-as-a-service.

What Ensight™ for Smart Solar does

Ensight™ for Smart Solar calculates key performance indicators (KPIs) and detailed breakdowns of system losses to proactively and automatically inform asset managers, operations and maintenance (O&M) teams, and insurance underwriters regarding the as-built performance of photovoltaic plants. Our algorithms translate system underperformance and component health issues into prioritized corrective actions that help increase revenue, organize and schedule O&M more efficiently and cost-effectively, and generally support the long term performance and health of PV assets.

Our best-in-Class Advanced Analytics Solution Represents a Paradigm Shift in Operational and Financial Asset Management

  • Maximize energy yield at solar sites to facilitate increased production
  • Optimize O&M performance by proactively improving O&M management and efficiency (including O&M contract compliance when external service providers are involved)
  • Accurately characterize as-built performance of PV plants
  • Gain knowledge and insights to improve future site designs
  • Eliminate error-prone, labor intensive Excel™ spreadsheets
  • Create a single system of record for properly managing and benchmarking performance across an entire portfolio of assets
  • Support credible valuation of solar assets in mergers and acquisitions

Breaking Down System Losses in Detail.

Ensight™ Solar offers an indispensable set of powerful analytic tools that automatically break down system losses into 15 categories, providing an unprecedented level of insight into the impact of those losses. Losses caused by tracker errors, soiling, shading, inverter downtime, string underperformance, curtailment and so on are included.

Economic Corrective Action Recommendations.

Based on the results of the detailed loss breakdown analysis, Ensight™ Solar automatically determines which corrective actions are cost effective. The corrective action list updates daily, and frees up plant operators to focus on taking proper actions rather than spending time trying to decide what to do next.

With Ensight™’s corrective actions, you can detect and resolve plant performance anomalies that are indicative of potential future equipment problems.

Data Quality is Essential for Effective Analytics.

Our advanced analytics engine automatically detects and corrects for missing or invalid data to ensure that key performance indicators and loss breakdown analysis results are accurate.

Sophisticated & robust automated data filters
Inclusion/exclusion of specific operating conditions
Weather sensor outliers detected automatically

Comprehensive Downtime Event Analysis.

Inverter-by-inverter analysis gives rapid insight into the underlying causes of system and component downtimes. The downtime analysis algorithm compiles the series of contiguous inverter down times as individual downtime events, for each inverter. Downtime events are also broken down into categories depending on whether they were caused by snow fall, grid curtailment, or other causes.

Wash Optimization with Accurate Soiling Analysis.

Our advanced inverter-by-inverter soiling rate detection algorithm dynamically assesses soiling losses throughout a system. Based on the current actual system performance and soiling conditions, Ensight™ estimates the next most cost effective date to wash the system. The wash schedule can be optimized for specific zones within a system to accommodate diverse designs and soiling characteristics.

Accurate Shading Characterization.

Our proprietary shade detection algorithm creates a dynamic ideal model of expected production on an inverter-by-inverter basis to reveal real-life shading.


Our Solar Performance Assessments quantify plant performance relative to the original expectations for the plant. It assembles an accurate, as-built energy loss profile for your plant, including details on primary energy loss categories, proposed corrective actions to improve plant revenue and reliability, and a detailed estimate of the amount of economically recoverable revenue. Our solar performance engineering team adds critical insight and analysis to offer a cohesive narrative about the true performance of your solar asset and how its performance can be improved.

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