Enlight™ Solar

Advanced monitoring for distributed solar

About Enlight™ Solar

Enlight™ Solar is an advanced fleet overlay solution that enables real-time operational monitoring of the performance of distributed generation solar PV systems, from individual system components through to diverse portfolios of PV sites. The flexible system can be deployed as a comprehensive package or overlay solution to pre-existing SCADA, DAS or monitoring systems, regardless of underlying hardware configuration.

What Enlight™ Solar Does:

1.Seamless integration

Enlight™ runs as a cloud-based SaaS web application within EnOS™ ecosystem, integrating seamlessly with solar plant data stored on the EnOS™ big data platform. Enlight™ supports several implementation scenarios, including deployment in a private cloud environment.

2. Smart alarms

Enlight™ Solar’s Smart Alarm engine enables visualization and lookup of both active and historical alarm events using advanced filtering and configuration functionality, which enables a more systematic approach to troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

3. Advanced charting

The charting tool within Enlight™ Solar is a powerful feature that allows users to visually trend and overlay multiple data sets for reporting, validation, and troubleshooting purposes. Users can select tags (data points), time intervals, and data resolution. The output displayed on the screen is exportable.

4. Reporting, data export & API

Enlight™ Solar’s reporting dashboard allows users to quickly define, render, customize, and export a wide variety of report types, to support all manner of internal business processes, routine reporting requirements, or ad hoc needs. Enlight™ Solar supports data export in up to 5-min data resolution and offers a flexible API for data exchange.

5. Something for everyone

The Enlight™ solution is designed to support the needs of asset managers; field services teams; 3rd-party O&M teams; and remote or on-site control center teams. Regardless of role, Enlight™ offers something for everyone.