Forecaster for Grid Operators and Utilities

Make smarter energy decisions.

“By combining AI, high performance computing, and our advanced in-house atmospheric model with public data, customer observation data, and massive IoT data sets, Forecaster delivers precise renewable power forecasts.”

Reliable, accurate weather and power generation forecasts help you to:

Stabilize the grid

Know the type of energy source to rely on with more reliable renewable energy production forecasts.

Improve demand response

Weather is a major driver of load. Estimate load better across your utility’s entire territory with accurate weather forecasts.

Mitigate commodity price volatility

When buying energy from third-party renewables, accurate weather forecasts allows you to plan the right time for purchase.

Ensure safe and reliable mission-critical operations

Plan for severe weather conditions to ensure grid stability and prevent outages.

Enhance longer term planning

Better plan the long-term expansion of your generation and network transmission capacity, needed to efficiently meet future demand.