Make smarter energy decisions. For demand response, grid
stability, storage optimization, energy trading, and more.


Explore how Forecaster helped these customers succeed.

Case Study: Connected Energy

Thailand's PTT Group Shortens Path to Net Zero Goal

What is Thailand’s largest old & gas company doing to achieve net zero emission increase?

Case Study: Intelligent Renewables (Smart Solar)

Malaysia's TNB Renewables Meets Growing Solar Demand with AIoT 

What is SEA’s largest listed power company doing to meet clean electricity demands nation-wide?

Optimize renewable energy output with AI-powered weather and power generation forecasts.

Envision Digital’s Forecaster predicts power generation output with high accuracy, based on high-resolution weather forecasts.

This is achieved through integrating the world’s most authoritative weather forecast data from ECMWF, Met Office, NOAA, DWD, CMC, and IBM, as well as customer site data, plus vast IoT data sets. Run on the intelligent EnOS™ AIoT platform, Forecaster provides a refined 1km X 1km weather forecast model.

Forecaster Key Capabilities

  • 30% improved weather forecast accuracy. Our global R&D capability (a dedicated Aerodynamics and Meteorology R&D Center in Singapore) supported by research relationships with the world’s most authoritative sources sharpened Forecaster’s solar and wind forecast accuracy by 30%.
  • 10% lower deviation in power forecasts. Advanced machine learning algorithms combined with Envision Digital’s renewable energy expertise cut Forecaster’s deviation in production forecasting by 10%.
  • 4-hour to year-ahead forecasts. Customizable forecast resolutions supports diverse renewable energy needs. From energy production to grid stability, to storage optimization, and energy trading. And more.

Forecaster’s 1km X 1km weather forecast model is powered by:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Advanced in-house atmospheric model
  • High performance computing (HPC)
  • Massive IoT data sets
  • Public data: World-leading weather forecast data from ECMWF, Met Office, NOAA, DWD, CMC, and IBM
  • Customer data: 4D actual observation data from renewable sites, radars, and satellites

Key Benefits of EnOS™ Advanced Analytics

Forecaster Features

Respond to short-term predictions. Create effective mid to longer term plans.

Forecaster’s regional centralized power forecast services for wind and solar includes:

  • 4 hours ahead power forecast time resolution: 15 min time span: 4 h ahead
  • Day ahead power forecast time resolution: 15 min   time span: day ahead
  • Week ahead power forecast time resolution: 15 min time span: week ahead
  • Month ahead power forecast time resolution: 1 day time span: month ahead
  • Year ahead power forecast time resolution: 1 month time span: year ahead

Facts and figures

>88% accuracy

for wind power forecast

>93% accuracy

for solar PV power forecast

5% better accuracy

compared to industry average

50% cut in penalties

associated with inaccurate forecasts

Supports your energy decisions.

Work across platforms with ease

Supports multiple data transfer formats. Easily send data to key stakeholders for decision-making.

Never miss important notifications

Set alerts to be notified in real-time in the event weather/power forecast changes.

Assess risk better

Forecast performance evaluation and penalty calculation to be more prepared and create backup plans as needed.

Work more intuitively

Suggests working window based on weather and power forecast. Helps you work more instinctively and achieve higher productivity.

Provides high stability

With a hot standby system built in, you can be assured of system stability. To support you in decision-making during mission-critical periods.