EnWeather for Energy & Utilities

The smart weather prediction solution.

Improve renewable energy reliability. Maximize production. Reduce stabilization costs. Protect infrastructure. Minimize power outages. 

EnWeather empowers the energy and utilities sector. With accurate, precise weather forecasts. Predict rainfall, wind, sunshine, lightning with confidence.

Hydro Operaters

Do more with accurate rainfall forecast.

Hydro operators get greater certainty in short-term scheduling and long-term planning.

  • Increase hydropower production. 
  • Better prepare for water release through accurate rainfall forecasts. 
  • Reduce vulnerability to drought conditions.

Solar Energy Companies

Make smarter decisions with accurate solar forecast. ​

Solar plants maximize output. Helping grids become stable and reliable.

  • Increase solar power generation. 
  • Participate in electricity market with confidence.
  • Improve grid stability.
  • Avoid grid penalties.

Wind Power Companies

Improve performance with accurate wind forecast.

Wind farms maximize production capability. Contributing to grid stability.

  • Optimize wind power production.  
  • Participate in electricity market with higher assurance.
  • Enhance grid stability.
  • Eliminate grid penalties.


Protect electricity infrastructure, reduce outages, with accurate weather forecast – including lightning.

Utilities prepare better for severe weather possibilities. Safeguarding infrastructural investments. Minimizing outages.

  • Increase operational efficiency.  
  • Cut restoration times with better resource and crew management.
  • Reduce exposure in high-risk areas.
  • Improve customer experience.

EnWeather empowers the energy and utilities sector.​

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EnWeather, robust weather forecasting.​

  • Short range
  • Medium range
  • Long range
  • Hazardous weather
  • Precipitation type and intensity
  • Visibility
  • Lightning
  • Cloud cover
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Advanced in-house atmospheric model
  • Intelligent algorithms
  • Massive IoT data sets
  • Public data
  • Customer data