EnWeather for Cities

The smart weather prediction solution.

Create resilient cities with better prediction of extreme weather.


EnWeather empowers cities. With accurate, precise weather forecasts. Predict rainfall, wind, sunshine, lightning with confidence.

During severe weather events, every hour of advance notice counts. Prepare better with accurate forecasts.

Before Extreme Weather Events

  • Develop optimal weather mitigation strategies based on long-term weather patterns.
  • Rapidly update risk management plans with accurate nowcasts (ultra short-term forecasts).
  • Optimize resource allocation for spaces forecasted to be affected (e.g., evacuate residents, clear roads).
As natural disasters unfold, accurate weather prediction reduces damage and saves lives.

During Extreme Weather Events

  • Direct the right equipment to the right places help minimize weather impact.
  • Empower rescue crews and onsite personnel with up-to-date forecasts to help with disaster control.
  • Provide citizens with accurate location-specific predictions to help them make informed decisions during crises.
Accurate weather forecast enhance relief efforts and informs long-term city planning.

After Extreme Weather Events

  • Better assess the right equipment and resources required for relief efforts based on impending weather conditions.
  • Evaluate and reduce risk associated with prolonged extreme weather (e.g., floods, droughts).
  • Inform longer-term strategic planning (e.g., land-use planning, protective structure development).

EnWeather, robust weather forecasting.​

  • Short range
  • Medium range
  • Long range
  • Hazardous weather
  • Precipitation type and intensity
  • Visibility
  • Lightning
  • Cloud cover
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Advanced in-house atmospheric model
  • Intelligent algorithms
  • Massive IoT data sets
  • Public data
  • Customer data