EnOS™ Solar

Renewable energy sources like solar power are driving a global shift towards sustainability.

As the solar power industry becomes more competitive, how do you optimize your solar assets to be most productive and reliable?

Asset managers, operators and service providers can make investments more productive in this increasingly competitive landscape by:

  • Monitoring their systems and devices using a robust IoT platform to catch problems in a timely manner.
  • Analysing production data with state-of-the-art algorithms to better correct downtimes and underperformances.
  • Forecasting future production with industry-leading techniques to better manage intermittencies.
  • Unlocking new revenue streams by coupling solar power with battery energy storage systems.

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Discover How AIoT Digitalization and The Use of Advanced Technologies Can Help Achieve Excellence in Solar Asset Management.


About Envision Digital’s EnOS™ Solar Solutions

Envision Digital’s EnOS™ Solar solutions are the most advanced end-to-end technical asset management offerings available on the market today.


With Envision Digital’s Smart EnOS™ Solar solutions, you unlock the true performance and revenue potential of your solar assets while simplifying operational processes and workflows — and you can manage risk and opportunity in the most efficient manner possible, both at the site and portfolio levels.


Bring intelligent insights to local users for powerful decision-making

with modular, interoperable components – including SCADA and edge systems; real-time cloud or in-premise monitoring; advanced analytics; renewable power forecasting; advanced reporting; API management functionality; as well as extensive capabilities for integration with third party CMMS and ERP systems.


Optimise all assets

including distributed generation and centralized utility scale assets.


Accurately quantify bifacial benefits

 using real operational data with first unified SaaS solution encompassing deep analytics capabilities for bifacial modules.


Enhance performance and maximise revenue

by assimilating multiple solar sites into a unified management system.


Envision Digital’s EnOS™ Solar Solutions

EnOS™ Solar Advanced Analytics

Maximize productivity and revenue with advanced analytics.

Envision Digital’s cutting-edge advanced analytics software provides incisive insights into plant and portfolio performance for accurate decision-making.

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Maximize energy production

and minimize energy losses with intelligent corrective actions powered by machine learning and predictive analytics.

Reduce operating costs and improve reliability 

with smart pre-emptive abilities.

Provide exceptional visibility into performance

of photovoltaic (PV) plants, with automated reporting of KPIs and underperformance warnings.

Update stakeholders automatically

— from asset managers to operations and maintenance (O&M) teams, insurance underwriters, and financiers.

Prioritize remedial actions that maximize revenue

and enable predictive O&M to efficiently and cost-effectively support long-term performance of PV assets.

Transforms data

from descriptive information into diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive actions based on cost-benefit analysis, to boost workforce performance and engineering productivity.

EnOS™ Solar Monitoring & Control — Real-time Monitoring

Gain unparalleled performance visibility across solar portfolios

EnOS™ Monitoring for Solar is an advanced cloud-based solution for real-time performance monitoring of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Gain visibility across your portfolio – from individual system components to diverse PV sites.​

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Deploy from any starting point

regardless of underlying hardware configuration. Implement it as a comprehensive package, or overlay solution to pre-existing third-party SCADA, DAS, or monitoring systems. ​

Enable smart troubleshooting 

and root cause analysis with EnOS™ Monitoring for Solar Smart Alarm engine. By enabling visualization and look-up of both active and historical alarm events using advanced filtering and configuration functionality, you gain a more systematic approach that minimizes anomalies.​

Create a solid data foundation

for reporting and operations management with implementation of IEC standards for alarms, inverter status, and downtime analysis.

EnOS™ Solar Power Forecast — High-Accuracy Power Forecast for Solar

Enable advanced grid scenarios with precise power forecasts for solar

Envision Digital’s forecasting technology solution provide highly accurate, real-time weather predictions that allow planning precision and control. Maximize solar power generation with confidence with Forecaster.

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Ensure forecast accuracy

with tuned models that apply real-time feedback from precise location weather and meter-measured values.

Access variable forecast configurations 

such as day-ahead forecasts with hourly resolution in multiple-day windows, among a suite of user-friendly, results-driven formats.

Enjoy flexible architecture

and direct integration with premier weather data sources aggregated on EnOS™ Forecast weather prediction services.

EnOS™ Solar Monitoring & Control — SCADA

Make confident decisions with insights across operational assets, enterprise data, and third-party systems

Envision Digital’s EnOS™ Solar Monitoring & Control — SCADA is a secure, on-premise SCADA system designed to integrate with cloud-based monitoring and advanced analytics. By fusing information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), and even third-party systems, customers gain next-generation insights for accurate decision-making.

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Enable greater efficiency and smarter decisions

with access to traditional SCADA functionality combined with a flexible configuration framework.

Mitigate downtime

with better visibility and error-resolution protocols.

Reduce TCO

with a cost-optimized platform.

Improve implementation efficiency

with rich features that maximize productivity.

Supports time-honored protocols

 (e.g., Device-level communication such as Modbus, DNP3, IEC, and OPC), and high-resolution data polling, processing, and storage.

Solar Professional Services​

Tap on a world-class team to maximize solar capabilities and enhance revenue.​

Access a dedicated team of world-class solar performance engineers, and harness industry best practices to get the best out of your solar assets. ​

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Get first-class expertise in-house

to enhance solar capabilities across your portfolio.

Leverage industry best practices

in operations and maintenance planning strategies to improve performance.

Evaluate plant performance

to optimize efficiency. And get accurate diagnosis guidance to resolve challenges with ease.

Perform warranty risk assessments

(e.g., module degradation, inverter reliability) to reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Mitigate acquisition and M&A risk

by conducting plant health due diligence.

SmartEdge™ Advanced Data Logger & Data Integration

Model every data scenario possible to maximize solar assets.

Harnessing the intelligent EnOS™ platform, SmartEdge™‘s flexible approach to data means it can adapt to every data integration scenario. Helping solar operators maximize reliability and throughput in solar assets.

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Achieve high asset availability

by making data work harder – model and mitigate every data integration scenario possible.

Realize higher cost efficiencies

by ensuring better solar asset reliability.

Gain a competitive edge

with highly productive solar assets ready for a variety of scenarios.

Choose from range of implementation options

whether via data logger hardware loaded with SmartEdge™ software interfacing with EnOS™ Cloud; or via a “virtual edge” in the cloud pulling real-time data from SFTP or RESTful APIs.

EnOS™ Bazefield Monitoring

Get exceptional visibility – fast – to optimize performance. Whether you operate a single asset or large multi-site portfolios.

EnOS™ Bazefield Monitoring is an industrial grade solution that enables real-time monitoring for utility-scale solar plants and portfolios. Highly scalable – apply it to a single asset or large multi-site portfolios to boost performance dramatically.

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Implement EnOS™ Bazefield Monitoring from any start point

  • Technology-agnostic solution based on latest international standards (including IEC 61400-25, NERC GADS, OPC, and IEC 60870).
  • Offered via cloud or on-premise.
  • Turnkey delivery includes software, integration to SCADA, and all necessary services (engineering, installation, configuration, documentation, training, and 24×7 support).
  • Achieve time to value with rapid and cost-effective setup

    based on extensive built-in model configuration from all market-leading vendors.

    Achieve tip-top performance – all the time

    with real-time performance data and extensive monitoring of KPIs. Take preventive actions easily with advanced analytics for solar and asset control functionality.

    Enable remote operations

    with mobile device support, including iOS and Android.

    Support ease of use across stakeholders

    with the industry’s most robust tools for visualization and analysis, multiple workflows, and highly customizable dashboards.

    Tailor functionality and training to end-user needs

    with fit-for-purpose tools and custom product training.