EnOS™ Monitoring for Wind

Take full advantage of your wind farms.

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EnOS™ Monitoring for Wind is the world largest fleet monitoring system, which helps above 120GW wind farms with almost all kinds of turbine types to collect all the OEM SCADA data and  achieve remote transparency. 

EnOS™ Monitoring for Wind runs as a cloud-based SaaS web application within the EnOS™ ecosystem. The flexible system can be deployed as a comprehensive package. Or as an advanced overlay solution to pre-existing SCADA, DAS or monitoring systems, regardless of your underlying hardware configuration.

EnOS™ Monitoring for Wind delivers:

  • Real-time tracking of wind power assets.
  • Automated smart alarms that sends critical information to the right stakeholders.
  • Flexible metrics and KPI’s with reporting tools that reveal the true performance of your remote assets

Key benefits of EnOS™ Monitoring for Wind
Get the most from your assets with transparency

Quick Deployment

Efficient to access data source and deploy based on 100GW accumulated turbine data acquisition models

Reduce operation cost

Remote fleet monitoring can reduce 3-6 local operators for each wind farm

Enhance asset safety

Professional handling for turbine issues in time with experts in remote centre

High data quality

With cloud and edge collaboration data strategy, the data flow is more robust to the interference

Improve people behaviour

Transparent KPI reveal the true performance of asset and people

Easy data exploration

Collect all the data from asset and easy to plot and download historical raw data or normalized data