EnOS™ Edge

The intelligent edge computing platform

Get rapid insights to drive efficiency breakthroughs — by fusing high-level business and shop floor data, and bringing AI and IoT computing to the edge.

EnOS™ Edge brings information technology (IT) operational technology (OT) together to unlock next-generation insights. Hardware agnostic device connector and heterogeneous data integrator for data locality, security and computing at edge.

Features & Benefits
Meet requirements of energy industry

and major industrial sites with high availability capability.

Bring thousands of devices closer to data

for rapid insights and decision-making.

Tackle different scenarios easily

with product models that’s right for you.

Exceed security requirements

with hardware security in communications, certificate, and access control.

For rapid insights and decision-making

with system that thrives even with weak or low internet connectivity.

Cut computing, bandwidth, and storage resource needs

with local data processing.


Software stack that radically reduces computing load on the cloud.

EnOS™ Edge provides quick device control by moving computing loads onto the edge. It also reduces bandwidth and cloud storage consumption through local data cleansing and pre-processing. 

Highly flexible, EnOS™ Edge supports
Edge developers in building edge-based application ecosystems.
Complex IoT scenarios such as local edge computing and regional edge computing.
DERs, flexible loads, EVs, C&I parks and plants, microgrid, smart building and city IoT business models.

Keep the Lights-On, Always

EnOS™ Edge operates with weak or no connectivity, caching data until the connection resumes. This results in optimized low-cost, efficient and secured operations with and without network connectivity.

Improve Cost Efficiency

EnOS™ Edge cleanses and pre-processes data locally, reducing computing, bandwidth, and cloud storage resource consumption – ultimately reducing costs.

Achieve High Availability (HA)

EnOS™ Edge provides HA capability for all its modules, meeting the HA and device control requirements of energy industry and major industrial sites.

Enable Cloud-Edge Collaboration

As the extension of EnOS™ Cloud, EnOS™ Edge can collaborate with EnOS™ Cloud even with weak or no Internet connection. 

Enable Security

As part of EnOS™ , EnOS™ Edge fully complies with EnOS™ security standards, providing hardware security in communications, certificate, and access control.

Simplify System Administration

EnOS™ Edge enables remote centralized management, providing administrators with visibility into the entire network. Easily upgrade edge or issue-computing methods from cloud to edge using the web GUI.