EnOS™ Cloud

The platform for digital connectivity.

Transform all your device-level data into value, with a flexible, innovative cloud platform.

Connect millions of devices and systems to turn your operational data into value. Develop applications to model new business scenarios, unlock valuable insights, and uncover new revenue models.


EnOS™ Cloud, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), provides a full range of capabilities for you to manage, analyse, and exploit your massive data assets.

Features & Benefits
Unlock new revenue streams

by understanding how data can be monetized.

Enhance business resilience while reducing cost

with numerous scenario-based cost optimizations – from asset monitoring to highly-complex what-ifs.

Develop business applications with ease

to accelerate innovation and shorten time to market.

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

for physical and data assets.

Derive rapid value

with built-in industry best practices that help accelerate work processes.


Why Customers Adopt EnOS™ Cloud

Flexible, innovative cloud platform-as-a-service that monetizes data assets

Boost Time to Value with Industry Best Practices
Empower your entire workforce with tools based on industry best practices.

With EnOS™ Cloud, IoT engineers get a comprehensive built-in device model library for quick digitalization and connectivity.  Data engineers are equipped with data processing templates and typical industrial scenarios for fast processing. And data scientists get AI tools optimized for production use and accumulated AI models to improve efficiency.

Innovate Faster by Overcoming Technical Barriers

With a repository of proven models, templates, and toolsets, EnOS™ Cloud helps governments and enterprises overcome the technical barrier to cutting-edge technology adoption.

So they can develop business applications that transform citizen, customer, and stakeholder experience.


Reduce TCO for Physical and Data Assets
Real-time analytics and big data insights support accurate, data-driven decisions to prevent critical asset failures. This reduces operation and maintenance costs – cutting total cost of ownership (TCO) for physical assets.

EnOS™ Cloud also offers rich data development tools and end-to-end data governance that help clients exploit data they own.  It also optimizes data storage while increasing data consumption efficiency – lowering overall data asset cost.

Highly Secure and Enterprise-Ready

A secure IoT solution is multi-fold that of traditional software security due to the interconnectedness of IoT. It requires protection, defense, and governance throughout the data journey – from devices to cloud, to storage and applications, and more.


Achieve Agility, Optimize Cost with Cloud-based Modularized Architecture

EnOS™ Cloud helps enterprises become agile with a micro-service modularized architecture based on container technology. The architecture also allows scenario-based cost optimization – from simple asset monitoring to advanced analytics for massive data sets.


EnOS™ Cloud Product Offerings

EnOS™ IoT Hub​​

Connect, digitalize, and manage millions of devices – rapidly, easily.
The EnOS™ IoT Hub provides rich connectivity solutions and a built-in model library to connect and digitalize huge numbers of heterogeneous devices, quickly. 

  • Manage millions of IoT devices from the cloud – simplifying asset operation, with full device lifecycle management capabilities.
  • Optimize asset health and productivity with predictive maintenance capabilities and maintenance transparency. 

EnOS™ Enterprise Data Platform​​

Orchestrate massive data assets across devices and systems.
The EnOS™ Enterprise Data Platform allows you to manage your massive, disparate data assets – from IoT data to business and operational data, and more.

  • Simplify data discovery to support business needs with powerful data processing capabilities.
  • Improve data access for users and applications with efficient data storage and segregation optimized for industry scenarios.
  • Increase data reliability and security with robust IoT data governance across the data lifecycle – from device to cloud, to application.

EnOS™ Enterprise Analytics Platform​ ​

Unleash the power of data from disparate systems.
The EnOS™ Enterprise Analytics Platform offers AI tools and a built-in AI model library to help unleash the power of data from disparate systems. It accelerates AI model development and monetization. And realizes data-driven insights and decisions. 

  • Fully harness the power of data with full lifecycle management of machine learning models – from experiment stage to production stage.​
  • Achieve dynamic management and continuous optimization of machine learning models. 

EnOS™ Application Enablement Platform​ ​

Achieve agile innovation with application development made simple.
The EnOS™ Application Enablement Platform offers end-to-end tooling through the application lifecycle: From development to deployment, operation, and extension.

  • Empower both professional and citizen developers to quickly build applications on EnOS™ with rich APIs, SDKs, and low-code visualization tools.
  • Achieve agile innovation by bringing applications to market in a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) mode.