Reinventing connected places

EnOS™ City

Connect city infrastructure like buildings, ports, transportation, industrial parks and vehicle charging infrastructure, to optimize for maximum efficiency and reduce carbon.

By creating a revolution in connected places.

EnOS™ City allows governments and location owners to better serve constituents and customers, while empowering them to co-create a more livable, prosperous future.

How?  Real time data, AI pattern recognition and automation let infrastructure owners find inefficiency and manage towards the most efficient outcomes across all their assets, whether just one facility, or a worldwide fleet of transportation, buildings, renewable assets and energy storage.

Envision Digital’s EnOS™ Smart City Solutions

EnOS™ Building

We spend 80% of our lifetime in buildings. Live, work and play better – with intelligence woven into your built environment.

  • Gain actionable insights by connecting and analyzing data across an entire building, campus or region.
  • Personalize building experience to occupants’ changing needs with intelligent, automated solutions.
  • Get the most from your assets with digital twins that optimize performance and predictive maintenance that maximize asset lifespan.
  • Optimize energy consumption while maximizing use of renewables by connecting your building to smart grids.

EnOS™ Flex

Optimize and orchestrate energy resources.

  • Manage all your energy-related resources within a microgrid to reduce operating costs and maintain stability in real time.
  • Monitor and actively schedule the operation of behind the meter assets on multiple premises by forecasting, controlling and optimizing energy resources.
  • Maximise the revenue of your energy assets for better decision-making.

EnOS™ Charge

A smart and cost-effective charging solution  for consumers, businesses, and cities.

  • Mobile, sustainable, and convenient to make a positive impact through green electricity for our Electric Vehicles (EV)
  • Transform your building into a green digital grid through an AIoT EV charging solution that can expand grid capacity by more than 10 times
  • Optimize energy consumption while maximizing use of renewables by connect your building to smart grids.
  • Implemented successfully in Germany, and ready for the world

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Singapore's PSA Decarbonizes the Future with Smart Grid

How can one of the world’s busiest ports champion a more sustainable society? With a smart grid that is intelligent and autonomous.