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We spend 80% of our lifetime in buildings. Live, work and play better — with intelligence woven into your built environment.

Buildings Account For A Significant Proportion Of Energy Consumption And Carbon Emission.​


of energy consumed


of ​GHG​ emissions

It is Increasingly Challenging to Operate, Manage and Optimize Buildings.


of buildings are deemed energy inefficient


of ​buildings are expected to remain in operation till 2050

Owners, Operators and Investors Facing Pressures
from Regulators to Go To Net Zero Carbon.

EU Regulatory EED1 Mandates Compulsory Remote Metering

1EU Energy Efficiency Directive​ (EED) — part of the Fit for European Green Deal 55 package, the EU Commission reviews the Energy Efficiency Directive, to meet the emissions reduction target of at least net 55% by 2050.

CDP2 Rules Out Metering Estimates in updated regulations

2Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP); world’s economy looks to CDP as the gold standard of environmental reporting with the richest and most comprehensive dataset on corporate and city action.

VPPA3 requires hourly energy reporting to reconciliate generation

3A Virtual Power Purchase (VPPA); a long-term contract —typically 10 to 20 years — between a developer of renewable energy project, and an interested energy buyer.

Find Out How EnOS City™ Has Helped Microsoft


Microsoft Leapfrogs Energy Innovation

Walking the talk. Discover how Microsoft is meeting its net zero goal for itself and its customers.

A comprehensive solution for Net Carbon Zero fleet monitoring that bring together
energy consumption and emission throughout the portfolio in one place.

Fleet Monitoring

Visualizes energy consumption and carbon emission

Energy Monitoring

Fleet management of energy consumption with benchmarking​

Carbon Monitoring

Fleet management of carbon emission with Scope breakdowns



Generate energy consumption, forecast and carbon emission report in one place


Reduce both energy waste and cost


Provide analysis of energy efficiency and productivity improvement


One Integrated Solution

Massive reduction in effort and resources for design, procurement, site configuration with one-click data onboarding to cloud.

One Stop Monitoring

Cut out bloated applications, with improved navigation, configuration, and true data aggregation.

Vendor Agnostic

Remove archaic system workflows, with hardware vendor agnostic system integration.

Provides you with the tools to monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain configured equipment points. The tools ensure that high CAPEX assets remain safe, reliable and efficient over their operational life. ​

The toolkit enables remote Operations and Maintenance (O&M), offering the ability to control equipment from anywhere at any time.

Energy Diagnostics

Automatically detects inefficiencies in equipment and system operations based on advanced data analytics:

  • Data visualisation in a variety of user-selected periods (day, month, year) ​
  • Data visualisation for granular analysis of energy diagnostic results (day, month, year)​
  • Detailed event timeline and aggregate time duration of events, providing severity insights

Asset Fault Detection and Diagnosis

Our fault detection tool uses a rule-based algorithm that runs through deviation limit checks: 

  • Rule-based fault detection algorithm through threshold checks
  • Customisable threshold to combat ‘false faults’
  • Fault trigger time range
  • Freedom to mute/disable certain FDD rules in case of high frequency false faults
  • Highly accurate fault event insights with fault counts, frequency, duration, and impact


  • Integration of all building asset information in a single place
  • Ensures a safe, reliable, real-time operational condition for all connected devices 24/7
  • Ensures that the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) system is working at optimum performance level for energy efficiency
  • Extends the life span of assets (particularly high CAPEX items), and improves lifecycle contribution and ROI
  • Improves facility management team productivity through data-driven decisions, automated analysis and suggestions
  • Mitigates risks during emergencies and shortens response times
  • Automates fault detection and diagnostic analysis of building systems
  • Provides actionable suggestions for system O&M energy savings

Pro offers emission abatement tools, including automatic building asset optimisation to ensure that mechanical systems work at peak efficiency all the time.

Fleet Control

The fleet control module in EnBuilding Pro connects the different assets in a building, allowing for customised periodic schedules and automated commands to be set up for all systems and assets, optimised to suit on-site conditions. In addition, the Auto-control Scheduler enables data synchronization on the Edge, ensuring control safety with reliable Edge Rule Engine. Features include:​

  • Easy ways to include or exclude assets in the scheduler​
  • Weekly scheduler setting in a valid date range​
  • Events setting, for example public holidays​
  • Freedom to switch between scheduler and override mode for each asset, creating maximum flexibility while delivering control safety

HVAC Optimisation

HVAC optimisation is a holistic system-level tool that orchestrates all equipment to ensure optimum efficiency for the whole HVAC system:​

  • Coordination of air-water systems by breaking data silos​
  • Automatic, operational optimisation of multiple devices including chillers, pumps, cooling towers, AHUs, FAUS, VAVs, FCUs, etc.​
  • Ability to switch between auto and manual optimisation modes​

Predictive Maintenance

The predictive maintenance module provides real-time monitoring of lift and escalator operations to create automated predictive fault detection to support maintenance decisions.

Multiple real-time data points include lift car vibration, speed, acceleration, position, travel mileage, door status, etc. For escalators, specific data such as real-time moving direction and speed can also be monitored. Features of the module include:

  • Status monitoring of each unit in real time with high-frequency, second-level multiple KPIs
  • Aggregated historic operational KPIs of each unit are aggregated and shown on user-friendly interfaces
  • Fault detection of each unit based on data analytics, automated to alert building managers promptly


  • Integration of separated silo systems in a single portal​
  • Improves FM productivity by enabling remote real-time turning on/off and controlling setpoint of critical assets
  • Controls mass target assets flexibly and remotely through individual/batch instructions
  • Improves operational efficiency through a customised scheduler
  • Enhances occupant comfort and guarantees indoor air quality
  • Increases FM team productivity by replacing labour-intensive inspections with standardised facility management process, as well as reductions in training
  • Extends service life of equipment and improves operational reliability through preventative maintenance