EnOS™ Ark

An innovative Carbon Management solution that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Make your transition to a low-carbon future smarter, faster and more efficient.

Accelerate your Decarbonisation with EnOS™ Ark

Carbon Management is a multi-year journey that begins with accurately measuring your organisation’s operational carbon emissions. Only by having an in-depth, forensic understanding of the amount of carbon dioxide generated and its sources, can your organisation develop the optimal abatement strategy, set realistic emission reduction objectives, and track performance and progress towards those objectives. EnOS™ Ark seamlessly connects all devices and meters across your organisation’s infrastructure, providing one source of data to optimise your emission predictions and improve your operational efficiency in real-time with AIoT.

Challenges of Collecting Decarbonization Data Today


The current methods of acquiring the large amount of data for annual ESG reporting is labour-intensive, limited, and unreliable. An average MNC will have >100 individuals involved in data acquisition.

Complicated Protocols

Energy service providers struggle with protocols when collecting data from multiple sites and devices of different brands and types.

Complex Data

The process of collecting and connecting data from multiple sources is complicated and prone to errors.

Missed Opportunities

Annual energy and carbon data for ESG reporting is not detailed enough to identify operational savings opportunities or assess the effectiveness of individual improvement measures.

EnOS™ Ark enables a guided journey on your net zero goal with a 3-step approach

Measure and Report

your greenhouse gas emissions using Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Plan and Track

your abatement progress using Artificial Intelligence

Offset your remaining carbon emissions

by accessing a global pool of 100% verified assets

AIoT Software Leader for Net Zero

With our AIoT technology, we can connect you to a suite of applications tailored for the management of renewable energy, smart buildings, electric mobility, and energy trading – providing you with a complete solution, beyond carbon monitoring. 

Achieving Net Zero Goals with AIoT

As you progress on your journey to net zero, EnOS™ Ark not only tracks your energy expenditure and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, but also provides a host of options for all the subsequent decarbonisation use cases beyond monitoring.

Key Functionalities:

Enabling a “future-proof” carbon reporting solution with increased regulatory requirements in data granularity and reporting frequency

Enabling 24/7 carbon-free energy monitoring

Enabling front-loading of cost of capital reduction by shortening the measurement & verification cycle of sustainability linked loan KPIs.

Find out how our solutions have helped PSA International


Singapore's PSA Decarbonizes the Future with Smart Grid

EnOS™ Ark helped PSA track their scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions, gain insights into the amount of carbon emissions, and reduced against their baseline.

Helping Governments and Enterprises Achieve Net Zero Through AIoT

For Governments

With the urgent need to reach net zero emissions globally, many governments have already committed to net zero pledges, and are taking action to achieve these goals. EnOS™ Ark helps governments to:  

  • Calculate carbon footprint and establish a carbon emission tracking system. Based on real-time data, the system can identify carbon peaks and send alerts automatically. 
  • Establish a carbon and energy emissions database of industrial enterprises to help authorities better monitor overall energy consumption and intensity trends. This allows industrial layout solutions to then be optimised 

For Enterprises

Enterprises face mounting pressures from key stakeholders including regulators, capital markets, and customers to reach net zero.  EnOS™ Ark helps enterprises to:

  • Accelerate progress towards carbon-neutral operations, covering Scope 1 (direct) and Scope 2 (indirect) carbon emissions. 
  • Drive carbon neutrality across upstream and downstream supply chains, and throughout the value chain.
  • Meet their carbon emission reduction goals and realise a closed loop of carbon footprint through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). 
  • Easily access carbon reports and emissions data with a single click.
  • Integrate energy management, carbon abatement, carbon offset, renewable energy, electric mobility, and energy trading applications.