EnOS™ Advanced Analytics for Wind

Harness the full potential of your wind farms.


Know every aspect of your operations. Transform that into results.

EnOS™ Advanced Analytics for Wind helps wind producers bridge the IT/OT gap, allowing you to integrate more renewable energy into the grid.

EnOS™ Advanced Analytics for Wind delivers:

  • Comprehensive asset health and performance management covering all critical turbine components.
  • Online intelligent and prompt system accessed to all mainstream detection data resource.
  • Automatic action recommendations considering device risks and revenue & cost balance.
  • Standard Integration solution with CMMS systems to accomplish effective O&M closed loop.

Make your data explore value for you.​
EnOS™ Advanced Analytics for Wind Capabilities

500GWaccessed capacity​
Offer asset health monitoring for 30000+ wind turbines​

2000+ failure cases library
​ Possess enriched failure information for diverse model building​

97%+ detection accuracy​
​ Ensure prompt and reasonable trouble fixing investment​​

Key features of EnOS™ Advanced Analytics for Wind


Blade Health Analysis

Detect blade anomalies to minimize failures and downtimes.

What is Blade Health Analysis?

EnOS™ Advanced Analytics for Wind detects blade surface anomalies with smart sensors. From damages such as cracks and surface erosion, to improperly mounted instrumentation. Accurately recognize blades needing short term versus long term repair. So you can determine the best course of action for repairs.

  • Detect blade irregularities using acoustic samples collected by a conventional microphone.
  • Identify blades that require short term versus long term repair with advanced signal processing algorithms that detect variations in acoustic emissions from blades (both spectra and amplitudes).
  • Collect measurements easily with only one data channel required. You can even collect it via a technician’s cell phone.

Turbine Health Analysis

Resolve plant issues cost-efficiently and easily.

What is Turbine Health Analysis?

EnOS™ Advanced Analytics for Wind detects possible erosion or wear in key turbine components, enabling better maintenance scheduling to minimize system downtime and failure. How? It does so by maximizing the value of conventional SCADA data – analyzing a continuous stream of component temperature data together with physical modelling of turbine operations.

  • Capture all online available data including scada data, vibration data and add-on sensor sampling data.
  • Create better maintenance schedules to minimize system downtime and failure.
  • Actively monitor key turbine components, including:

⁻ Generator & Tower foundation

⁻ Gearbox, Nacelle & hub

⁻ Main bearing & Pitch motors


Power Curve Analysis

Capture subtle power curve details for better performance monitoring and control.

What is Power Curve Analysis?

Every wind turbine has a unique power curve. EnOS™ Advanced Analytics for Wind Power Curve Analysis tools let you assess power curves across turbines in a farm to evaluate performance relative to manufacturers’ specifications. 

  • Recognize curtailment accurately with sophisticated tools to filter out irregular data quickly. 
  • Assess turbine performance relative to vendors’ specification to improve OEM and O&M accountability.
  • Exclude wind resource influence to detect recoverable underperformance issues caused by unreasonable control adjustments.

Underperformance Analysis

Gain unmatched insight into underperformance to better overcome challenges.

What is Underperformance Analysis?

EnOS™ Advanced Analytics for Wind offers an indispensable set of analytic tools that break down underperformance issues into key categories. Providing granular insight into underperformance issues.

  • Pitch: Detect significant changes in pitch schedule of a turbine. Whether from software updates, actuator failures, or firmware errors.
  • Torque: Identify suboptimal torque settings that can limit the energy output potential. Provides continuous torque tuning recommendations that adapt to real-time changes in turbine performance.
  • Yaw: Detect wind vane misalignment by comparing turbine performance across the farm. Helping correct yaw misalignments to save up to 3% of annual energy production losses with no hardware changes.
  • Derates: Monitor power curve data to detect anomalous conditions during which a turbine is being derated from its normal power production configuration.
  • Icing: Detect icing conditions to quantify loss, enabling better strategies for improved operations through challenging weather events.
  • Wake loss: Compute loss due to wake effects in the wind farm. And compare expected versus actual losses to empower improvement strategies and future farm designs.

Operations & Maintenance Optimization

Resolve plant issues cost-efficiently and easily.

What is Operations & Maintenance Optimization?

EnOS™ Advanced Analytics for Wind provides a corrective action dashboard that summarizes potential problems detected by our analytics engine. It also estimates the possible revenue impact if left uncorrected.

  • Get suggestions on how to address each issue on the corrective action dashboard.
  • Understand breadth of problem with revenue impact estimates that help you better plan for maintenance and repairs.
  • Build your own online maintenance knowledge library to deliver O&M experience of specific device types.
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Data Quality Assurance

Ensure effective analytics with the highest data quality.

What is Data Quality Assurance?

Data quality is vital for accurate, effective analytics. Our advanced analytics engine automatically detects and corrects missing or invalid data. Ensuring KPIs and loss breakdown analysis results are accurate.

  • Detect data irregularities with sophisticated and robust automated data filters
  • Ensure data accuracy with inclusion/exclusion of specific operating conditions.
  • Identify weather data outliers automatically.

Key benefits of EnOS™ Advanced Analytics for Wind

See how EnOS™ Advanced Analytics for Wind can help you achieve high ROI and rapid time to value.

Maximize energy yield and revenues

across your wind farmss.

Optimize operations and maintenance performance

by proactively improving visibility, management and efficiency.

Enhance productivity with prioritized corrective actions

based on wind turbine performance and revenue impact.

Deliver incisive insights

to improve future plant designs.

Eliminate manual errors and labor-intensive processes

such as spreadsheets.

Uncover opportunities for PV plants

and translate into bottom line impact, by quantifying the how-to.

Enable performance benchmarking

across entire asset portfolio with single system of record.

Support mergers and acquisitions

with credible valuation of wind assets.