Case Study: Connected Energy

Energy Market Authority and Keppel O&M
Enable Renewables in Land-Scarce Singapore

How can a small, innovative nation-state enable its next- generation green goals?
With a first-ever floating energy storage system that eradicates human intervention and optimizes clean power generation.

Energy Market Authority and Keppel Offshore & Marine pursue next-generation green goals.

“Energy storage and smart energy management systems support the deployment of more renewable energy in Singapore. This project will pave the way to overcome our land constraints, and set the blueprint for similar deployments in the future.”

 “We are proud to work with the consortium led by Envision Digital to pilot the first floating ESS on our FLL. Besides supporting Singapore’s energy needs, the developed solution will have multiple [innovative] applications.”

About EMA.

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Singapore. EMA’s main goals are to promote effective competition in the energy market, ensure a reliable and secure energy supply, and develop a dynamic energy sector in Singapore.

About Keppel O&M.

Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) – a subsidiary of Keppel Corporation, a Singaporean conglomerate – is the world’s largest rig builder. To support global energy transition goals, Keppel O&M is pivoting its business to clean energy.  Amid a challenging climate in 2019, Keppel O&M secured >SGD 2B (USD 1.5B) in new orders, an increase of 18% YoY. It also made significant strides into the renewable energy sector, securing ~SGD 720M (USD 524M) of offshore wind projects for Germany and Taiwan.

The Challenge.

Singapore aims to increase its renewable energy mix despite land constraints. To support this goal, EMA and Keppel O&M knew the country needed next-generation green technologies that will allow it to overcome land limitations. The organizations turned to a consortium led by Envision Digital, to pilot Singapore’s first floating energy storage system (ESS).

What EMA and Keppel O&M are Working Towards.
Envision Digital helps EMA and Keppel O&M with first-ever floating ESS.

Empower Singapore’s largest energy storage system.

Envision Digital is working with Keppel O&M to deploy a 7.5 MW/7.5MWh lithium-ion battery ESS on its Floating Living Lab. This is Singapore’s largest ESS deployment to date, with capacity to power >600 4-room HDB flats a day.  

Easily support emergency power needs.

With power stored in smart storage, emergency power can be deployed rapidly to support areas or remote islands affected by power disruptions – supporting power grid stability and resilience.

Connect disparate assets and optimize power generation.

Envision Digital integrated the ESS on EnOS™ AIoT platform, providing a smart energy management system that connects disparate assets – from the ESS to solar PVs, to numerous devices. With intelligent technologies such as smart monitoring and advanced analytics, Keppel O&M can track and optimize power generation across all assets.

Smart, autonomous decentralized energy system eliminates human intervention.

With EnOS™ AIoT artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, the system supports decentralized solar power generation, storage, and distribution autonomously – eliminating the need for human intervention. Automation optimizes user experience, while reducing error. For example, solar energy generated during the day is intelligently distributed to areas with intermittent power supply.

Reduce the carbon footprint by up to 40%

The ESS is exploring a first-ever battery-stacking solution in Singapore, which could potentially reduce carbon footprint required for deployment by up to 40%.  

Blueprint empowers future renewable deployments in land-scarce Singapore.

Findings from the project will be applied to ESS on mainland Singapore. This facilitates the adoption of more renewable energy such as solar across the land-scarce nation-state.