Case Study: Intelligent Renewables (Smart Solar)

Large State-Owned Utility Cuts
Time to Renewables Target

What can a large utility do to empower its country’s net-zero strategy?
Exploit floating solar and AI technologies that reduces human intervention and optimizes decision-making.


State-owned utility speeds towards renewable energy targets with Envision Digital.

About the State-Owned Utility.

This large state-owned utility is responsible for electric power generation and transmission for the country. It is also involved in bulk electric energy sales. A major power producer, the utility owns and operates a multitude of renewable and traditional power plants.

The Challenge.

With national energy consumption growing rapidly, the state-owned utility needs to meet growing demand. At the same time, the country is working towards an ambitious renewable energy and net zero emissions goal. As such, the utility needs to shore up its renewable energy capacity and capabilities.


The state-owned utility knew that technological innovations are critical to its goal. It needs to better forecast the power generation of its floating solar farms, maximize their energy production, reduce operational costs, and improve reliability. To meet 24/7 power demand, the utility also needs an energy management system that can regulate and manage energy supply automatically.

What the State-Owned Utility Achieved.​

Envision Digital helps position it as a world leader in renewable energy development.

Maximize solar power generation with high precision forecasting.

To optimize solar power production, Envision Digital developed a high precision power forecast system based on the EnWeather application. Harnessing sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) technology and high-resolution weather prediction models, EnWeather produces precise, accurate forecasts based on ground weather observations and authoritative weather sources. So the utility can maximize solar power generation and grid operations with confidence.

Optimize decision-making with powerful, incisive insights.

To give the utility better visibility and control over its hydro-floating solar farms, they are integrated on Envision Digital’s EnOS™ AIoT platform. Powered by advanced analytics, the utility can now derive robust, granular insights into plant performance for better decision-making.

Boost plant performance with smart, autonomous corrective actions.

Envision Digital’s EnOS™ AIoT platform also helps improve plant efficiency through preventive remediation. Smart detection capabilities uncover systemic energy losses and anomalies. Machine learning intelligent combs through discoveries to recommend corrective actions. This reduces human intervention, helping plant owners and operators increase energy production. Reduce operational costs. Plus improve reliability.​

Increase efficiency and output with sophisticated EMS.

With a new sophisticated AI-driven Energy Management System (EMS), the utility will be able to better regulate and manage energy supply across its asset portfolio. By continually analyzing energy production data, it can also harness efficiencies and optimize generation across its floating solar projects. Over time, it will allow the utility to integrate battery storage, which further increases operational efficiency of plants.​