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Leading the way to Net Zero.


CABLE Scales Innovation to Mainstream Electromobility

Today, we consume electricity. But we can easily produce it too. Find out what Cable Energia is doing to turn consumers to prosumers in Spain and Portugal.


Indorama Builds Sustainability into Operations with Digital Platform Pilot

How can digital platform technology help a leading chemical manufacturer become energy efficient?​


Microsoft Leapfrogs Energy Innovation

Walking the talk. Discover how Microsoft is meeting its net zero goal for itself and its customers.


ORIX Renewable Energy Management Mainstreams Renewables with Maintenance Transformation

What do you do with unused land? Build mega solar plants. Learn how Orix Renewable Energy Management is harnessing technology to generate renewable energy.


Singapore's PSA Decarbonizes the Future with Smart Grid

How can one of the world’s busiest ports champion a more sustainable society?


Thailand's PTT Group Shortens Path to Net-Zero Goal

Thailand is on its way to Net Zero with the country’s largest oil and gas company developing its first AIoT smart grid system.


Malaysia's TNB Renewables Meets Growing Solar Demand with AIoT 

With Malaysia being equatorial, find out how TNB is leveraging cloud solutions to enhance solar energy demands.

Large State-Owned Utility Cuts Time to Renewables Target​

What can a large utility do to empower its country’s net-zero strategy?