Connected Energy
Redefine energy operations.

How can cities and industries optimize energy supply and usage?

By connecting energy systems, cities, buildings and grid operators can optimize renewable energy
production to secure a steadier supply. Plus, drastically cut total energy costs.

With renewable energy becoming more mainstream, the energy system is becoming more distributed. A connected energy system – achieved through an intelligent platform and innovative technologies such as cloud computing, big data, machine learning, AI and IoT – modernizes your energy operations. Transforms your energy performance. And improves your financial, operational, and environmental bottom lines.

Connected energy solutions help cities, buildings, factories and utilities maximize the performance of your energy operations by:

  • Connecting your entire energy system – from devices, to storage, to grids – via an intelligent, integrated platform.
  • Balancing energy demand and supply to enable peak shaving and lower costs.
  • Maximizing renewable energy use through smart storage that is optimized for peak energy supply periods.
  • Reducing costs through smarter energy usage and improved asset health and lifespan.

Case Study: Connected Energy

CABLE Scales Innovation to Mainstream Electromobility

Today, we consume electricity. But we can easily produce it too. Find out what Cable Energia is doing to turn consumers to prosumers in Spain and Portugal.

Envision Digital’s Connected Energy Solutions


Connected Asset Management

Gain visibility, respond intelligently across your complete distributed energy assets.

What is Connected Asset Management?

Connected Asset Management links the entire spectrum of your distributed energy assets on an intelligent, integrated platform. From device, to storage, to grid.

Explore Connected Asset Management Capabilities

  • Centrally manage all energy asset data across geographically distant locations.
  • Enable reliable grid performance with decentralized energy sources – such as wind and solar assets, batteries, industrial installations, and electric vehicles (EV) – to increase your energy resiliency.
  • Enhance energy asset health and performance with preventive maintenance alerts across your distributed asset portfolio.
  • Increase renewable energy production by improving asset productivity and reducing unplanned asset downtimes.
  • Realize cost savings through energy savings and improved energy asset lifespan.
  • Democratize energy data and make it available to other stakeholders to empower better decision-making.

Real-Time Energy Insights

Track energy consumption and detect irregularities in

What is Real-Time Energy Insights?

Real-Time Energy Insights tracks live energy consumption data, and triggers warnings in the event of anomalies. It also shows energy consumption patterns over time to enable preemptive strategies for energy optimization.

Explore Real-Time Energy Insights Capabilities

  • Cut energy consumption with energy monitoring and smart diagnostics that delivers actionable insights to cut wastage and enhance efficiency.
  • Develop new energy strategies to tackle high consumption areas with granular energy insights across the business.
  • Prevent major losses with alerts that trigger swift response to leaks.

Renewable Energy Storage Synergy

Track energy consumption and detect irregularities in real-time for swift remediation.

Optimize energy consumption in interior spaces.

Renewable Energy Storage Synergy configures energy storage systems based on the renewable energy source. This maximizes storage capacity for green electricity. Reducing energy costs.

Explore Renewable Energy Storage Synergy Capabilities

  • Maximize storage for renewable energy depending on energy source – from solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, to wind assets, to electric vehicles (EV).
  • Improve capacity for peak renewable supply periods (e.g., good weather conditions) to reduce dependency on traditional power supply.
  • Increase proportion of renewable energy in total energy use.
  • Realize cost savings by reducing traditional energy consumption.

Indoor Environment Quality Management

Optimize energy consumption in interior spaces.

What is Indoor Environment Quality Management?

Indoor Environment Quality Management optimizes energy consumption in interior spaces such as buildings. It tracks and analyzes indoor environment quality such as temperature and humidity. And provides automated alerts to optimize the balance between comfort and energy consumption.

Explore Indoor Environment Quality Management Capabilities

  • Analyze different comfort parameters such as indoor air quality condition and thermal comfort.
  • Provides automated alerts on recommended settings to balance comfort and energy consumption.
  • Reduce energy consumption costs while ensuring comfort for all stakeholders.

Key Benefits

How does Envision Digital’s comprehensive Connected Energy solutions
help cities, buildings, factories and utilities achieve high ROI
and rapid time to value?

Through a multitude of innovative techniques and industry best practices.

Optimize Renewable Energy Use

Increase proportion of renewable energy in total energy use. Accelerate your energy transition efforts.

Reap Full Value of Energy Data

Fully harness the value of energy data to improve operational efficiency and cut operating costs.

Lower Costs

Achieve cost savings from better asset health and lifespan, as well as amplified energy savings.

Enhance Quality of Life

Create comfortable, more livable spaces by environmental quality with ease.