Business Operations Intern (2024)


A global AIoT software leader in Net Zero, Envision Digital is committed to becoming the world’s leading net zero technology partner for enterprises, governments, and cities to accelerate progress and improve their citizens’ quality of life.

EnOS™, Envision Digital’s proprietary AIoT operating system, connects and manages more than 110 million smart devices and 360 gigawatts of energy assets globally. Envision Digital’s growing ecosystem of more than 360 customers and partners spans 10 industries and includes Accenture, Amazon Web Services, GovTech Singapore, IBM, Keppel Corporation, Microsoft, Nissan, PTT, Solarvest, Total and ST Engineering. The company has close to 900 employees and 12 offices across the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Japan, Thailand, China, and the United States, with headquarters in Singapore. 

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Business Operations Intern 


Job Responsibilities: 


Digitalization – Salesforce Governance & Business Support 

  • Account Governance 
    • Cleanse Salesforce accounts by merging duplicate accounts and harmonizing with Dynamics accounts 
    • Supplement accounts with additional information (Account Group, Industry Segment, Fortune 500) 
    • Create accounts from requests on Salesforce by GTM. Supplement accounts with additional data 
  • Opportunity Governance 
    • Cleanse Salesforce opportunities (e.g., inactive owners, past closed date, no solutions, no digital contracts) 
    • Enable automated emails to heads-up on “offending” opportunities 
  • Digital Contract Governance 
    • Cleanse Salesforce digital contracts to ensure all close-won opportunities are associated with digital contract 
  • Reports & Dashboards 
    • Data quality dashboard, standard sales pipeline dashboard, top 10 opportunities dashboard 


Business Process Optimization 

  • Contract Review 
    • Provide back up support on contract review and deviation checks  
  • Contract Sheet Signoff 
    • Process contract signoff sheet on DocuSign  


Job Requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in IT, engineering, or Business-related fields 
  • Good communication and analytical skills 
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment 
  • Detail-oriented and possess good organizational skills  



Join the Envision Digital team today.

Join the Envision Digital team today.