Case Study: Connected Energy

CABLE Scales Innovation to
Mainstream Electromobility

Why is a sustainable infrastructure company empowering local energy communities with advanced technologies?
To break through solution constraints and help the world accelerate decarbonization.

CABLE positions itself to lead in large-scale electromobility projects.

“This is a game-changer for us. By reinventing our business approach to stay ahead of competition, we will enhance our mojo of providing innovation to our clients, as well as attract more investors and consumers into the sustainable infrastructure sector.”

About Cable Energía (CABLE).

Cable Energía (CABLE) is a sustainable infrastructure company focused on electromobility and renewable energy. Based in Seville, Spain, CABLE specializes in deploying distributed infrastructure to power the electric vehicle (EV) transition.

It covers the end-to-end process – from investment, engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning to operational services for distributed systems. This includes EV chargers and renewable generation paired with storage.

With a strong foundation in sustainable infrastructure deployment domestically and internationally, CABLE aims to help the world accelerate decarbonization. 

CABLE’s Challenge.

CABLE aspires to be a total solutions provider in sustainable transportation solutions. It also wants to lead the way in mainstreaming electromobility to local communities across Spain and Portugal.

This is in line with Spain’s National Plan on Energy and Climate (PNIEC), which intends to make Spain a reference location in the development of local energy communities. The aim is for enhanced consumer involvement in energy management, with the eventual target to transform consumers into renewable energy producers.

To achieve CABLE’s ambitions, the company needs a partner to complement its offerings in sustainable mobility. So it can sharpen its competitive edge in local communities – from optimizing electrical fleets, to executing operation and maintenance (O&M) projects.

What CABLE is Working Towards.

Envision Digital helps CABLE scale innovation in sustainable transportation solutions.

Empower CABLE’s capability in local community solutions

CABLE’s local community solutions include front and back-end optimization of meter microgrids. It will also provide ancillary services to local and national networks operators. Under the partnership, Envision Digital will help CABLE sharpen its edge in these services, allowing it to better achieve its ambitions.

Improve CABLE’s asset efficiency and performance.

Envision Digital will implement EnOS™ cloud-based advanced analytics and remote monitoring on CABLE’s existing asset portfolio. The integration of “edge-to-cloud” AIoT applications will significantly improve CABLE’s asset efficiency. By automatically analyzing large volumes of data across distributed assets on specific microgrids. And optimizing asset interaction with specific networks.

Reduce uncertainty, realize cost savings.

This automated process will reduce uncertainties in managing large EV fleets. And allowing CABLE to realize cost savings from how distributed renewables interact with the grid.

Enhance current and future value proposition to customers.

CABLE will be able to harness these intelligent capabilities for future projects. Enhancing its competitive advantage when operating in local communities. And strengthening its value proposition to customers.