Enlight™ is available for the solar and wind industries.

About Enlight™ Solar

Enlight™ Solar is an advanced fleet overlay solution that enables real-time operational monitoring of the performance of distributed generation solar PV systems, from individual system components through to diverse portfolios of PV sites. The flexible system can be deployed as a comprehensive package or overlay solution to pre-existing SCADA, DAS or monitoring systems, regardless of underlying hardware configuration.

About Enlight™ Wind

The EnOS-powered Enlight™ Wind utilizes the NTF (Nacelle Transfer Function) method to accurately calculate actual front wind speed of different wind turbine models, achieving an analysis accuracy of production loss up to 95%. With Enlight™ Wind reporting on production loss causes from various perspectives (including wind curtailment, forced outage, and BoP failure), all an operation manager has to do is take 10 minutes off every week and keep track of developments. Assessment of staff and facility performance and other offline improvements combine to help customers achieve a 3% increase in power generation revenue across different cases on average.