Providing powerful, detailed insights into plant and portfolio performance

About Ensight™

Envision Digital’s Advanced Analytics application – Ensight™, goes beyond real time monitoring of devices to transform raw data into actionable intelligence. Through advanced data cleansing compiled with advanced domain-specific algorithms, Ensight™ allows asset managers and owners to maximize revenues and reduce operating costs by identifying asset underperformance and health problems.

Ensight™’s combination of algorithms, statistical methods, and targeted machine learning help move from descriptive and diagnostic assessment of equipment performance and failures, to predictive and prescriptive recommendations on what should be done to improve and optimize the lifecycle value of devices and assets.

Currently, Ensight™ capabilities are offered as both SaaS applications and professional services consulting for solar and wind.

Benefits of Ensight™:

  • Transforms raw data into business intelligence and actionable insights to increase plant revenues and decrease operating costs (i.e. maximize ROI).
  • Provides a highly automated analytics platform to meet the needs of a broad set of industry participants

Ensight™ Features:

  • Breaks out system losses into an industry-leading 15 loss categories with deep dives for each
  • Identifies prioritized corrective action recommendations.
  • Generates standard automatic monthly reports.
  • Provide plant-based and fleet-level analytics.

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