Case Study: Intelligent Renewables (Smart Wind)

Algonquin Strengthens Leadership
in Renewables Market

How can a Canadian renewable energy company lead energy transition in North America
With sophisticated and automated analytics that drive wind farm performance

APUC boosts wind farm performance to lead stronger.

About APUC.

APUC’s Challenge.

Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. (APUC) is a Canadian renewable energy and regulated utility company, with ~USD 10B of total assets, 1.6 GW of renewable generation capacity, and >1M customers.

The company acquires and operates green and clean energy assets – including hydroelectric, wind, thermal, and solar power facilities, as well as sustainable utility distribution businesses (water, electricity, and natural gas) through its two operating subsidiaries: Liberty Power and Liberty Utilities.

APUC is committed to leading energy transition in North America through its portfolio of clean and green energy assets.

In particular, the company wants to heighten the performance of its wind farms through next-generation digital technologies. APUC chose Envision Digital as a partner to weave advanced analytics capabilities across its wind farm assets and achieve those goals.

What APUC Achieved.
Envision Digital helped APUC redefine renewable asset productivity.

Lead energy transition better, with higher performing renewable assets.

With farm-based and fleet-level analytics enabled by large-scale machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), APUC can now easily track and analyze wind farm performance – down to turbine component and sensor level. Optimizing wind asset performance across all its wind farms.

Improve resource productivity with automated, predictive maintenance.

With predictive maintenance built in, APUC gets automated corrective recommendations that enhances asset health and productivity. The autonomous system also means there is no need for human intervention, so APUC can channel its manpower to high-value business areas.

Drive profitability with actionable insights from raw data.

Envision Digital integrated a highly sophisticated and automated advanced analytics platform into APUC’s wind farms. The implementation transforms raw data into advanced wind performance intelligence, providing actionable insights that translates into higher revenues and lower operating costs.