EnOS™ Edge

What is EnOS™ Edge?

Renewables, distributed power generation, storage, smart grid and other technologies are creating a new energy marketplace that is distributed, multi-directional, multi-point and multi-tenant that poses high demand on highly responsive connectivity at low cost and edge intelligence. EnOS™ Edge, as the data ingestion frontend of EnOS™ Cloud, adapts thousands of devices and system to connect to EnOS™ and extends the intelligence of EnOS™ Cloud to the edge.


  • Adaptation, Plug-n-Play
    200+ industry standard protocol adaptors, open framework for new protocols to easily plug in
  • Edge Computing Platform
    Move computing workloads from cloud to the edge, accelerate decision making and realize real-time close-loop control
  • Flexible & Cost-Effective Solutions
    Hardware agnostic, containerization and cost-effective deployment

Extensive and Scalable Connectivity to Industry Devices and Systems

Provides built-in field-proven protocol libraries to adapt industry-standard as well as proprietary protocols; offers device drivers for fast and reliable device connection as easy as plug-and-play. The accumulated protocol adaptors and device drivers help enterprises to avoid repetitive work of connecting similar devices, thereby maximize the device connection efficiency. In addition, EnOS™ Edge also provides open protocol ecosystem to allow new communication protocols to easily plug in.

Accelerated Decision Making with Immediate Device Control

EnOS™ Edge uses the protocol-defined downstream control channel to ensure that control commands and responses are transmitted to the device at the lowest latency possible to accelerate decision making.

Reduced Cost with Hardware-agnostic Containerized Deployment

The support of containerized deployment enables EnOS™ Edge to run on most hardware servers, removing the dependency on hardware. To support lightweight and low-cost edge scenarios, EnOS™ Edge also provides low-power edition based on ARM-series embedded chips to meet the stringent business requirements on hardware costs.

Agility Powered by Edge Computing Platform

Can be deployed as an on-prem AIoT Edge platform independently from the cloud. Enables various domain applications and third-party applications to run on EnOS™ Edge platform. Designed and implemented with the same device models and APIs as EnOS™ Cloud, EnOS™ Edge helps achieve synergy between the cloud and edge.

Security, High Availability, and Reliability

EnOS™ Edge applies the certificate-based authentication to secure communication to EnOS™ Cloud, and adopts the TPM chips locally for storage encryption. To ensure reliability of connections and data, EnOS™ Edge provides high availability solutions catering to scenarios from distributed renewables to utility scale and to cross sites.