EnOS™ Cloud

What is EnOS™ Cloud?

Offered as PaaS in the micro-service architecture, provides full range of capabilities for you to connect devices and systems, analyze data, and develop IoT solutions that leverage real-time insights and big data synergy to help you innovate business scenarios and discover new revenue engine.

Vendor Agnostic

Can be flexibly deployed on public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, etc), private cloud, or your private data centers. Leverage proper infrastructure to easily extend your business footprint globally or to reuse and augment your exiting IT investments for innovation.

Domain Driven

Built with industry know-hows and best practices at each level, lowers the technical barrier and development cost, facilitates application innovation, and accelerate your time-to-market.

Enterprise-grade Security

Designed in the shared responsibility model, offers integrated solutions across the layers: devices, edge, cloud, and applications. Segregates the tenants and enforces fine-grained access control against all entities on EnOS™.

Cloud Native Architecture

By leveraging the container technology, EnOS™ is built with a micro-service architecture for agile and scalable business innovation.

Extensive Connectivity

The fundamental challenge of an IoT solution is connectivity and implementation efficiency. EnOS™ provides rich library of protocol adapters, device drivers, and built-in digital twin models to help accelerate connection to millions of devices. In addition to device connectivity, EnOS™ also supports to integrate mainstream IT and OT systems, such as your workorder systems, asset management systems, ERP systems and SCADA systems, helping enterprises to break data silos and unleash the synergy power of data.

End-to-End Device Lifecyle Management

End-to-end lifecycle management is available to a device upon its onboarding to EnOS™, enabling you to centrally monitor and control your assets, which can be located in harsh and distributed physical environments, detect abnormalizes and take actions in time, which reduces risks in your mission-critical production environments and asset operation and maintenance costs.

Domain Driven Data Management

Managing and exploiting massive data in an enterprise can be huge challenges. EnOS™ abstracts data processing patterns in industry scenarios and provides built-in algorithms and GUI-based low-code data development experience. EnOS™ also provides flexible data storage solutions that enable to optimize storage cost. With advanced efficiency at lower cost, our data management solutions help accelerate data monetization while reduce your total cost of ownership to your data.

AI-Powered Analytics

With our broad industry know-how’s accumulated as pre-built machine learning algorithms, EnOS™ enables fast implementation of monitoring and control, predictive maintenance, prediction and optimization solutions to various domains such as smart renewables, grid, plant, and buildings.

Comprehensive Application Enablement

EnOS™ provides comprehensive technical supporting tools and services to help accelerate application development. With rich APIs, users can access services and data on EnOS™, and quickly assemble digital twin applications with our HMI graph editors and easily plug in applications into a unified portal. To complement the dimension of data, EnOS™ offers common data service to provide public data such as weather and market. In addition, on our container platform, enterprises can achieve application DevOps and agile scalability.