Data Service

Enabled by EnOS™ Cloud, valuable data can be easily standardized in terms of data collection, data storage, data processing and data consuming. The common data can then be shared with business application developers as a service.

Common data services provide the capabilities to the data owners to commercialize their data and provide application developers with flexible data acquisition.

Core Competencies

To data providers

  • Define business entities and their attributes
  • Provide active and passive data acquisition methods
  • Provide data storage and catalog
  • Provide unified search syntax and interaction logic
  • Provide management of the data services, such as: metering, billing, etc.

To data consumers

  • Browse the available data
  • Query the context and the information of the data
  • Flexible data acquisition, such as HTTP, FTP, MQ, Hook, etc.


Bringing accurate weather forecast with AI technology and IoT data

IoT Data + Model = Accurate Forecast. Anytime, Anywhere

New IoT data sets allow weather forecasters to predict weather changes and patterns more accurately with AI, delivering finer granular weather forecasting data to actionable insights.

Integration of traditional weather station data and data from millions of IoT sensors which coverages overlayed to increase accuracy and deliver new services with weather model outputs for cities to pinpoint and respond faster and quickly.

EnWeather in-House numerical weather prediction (NWP) model are optimized to generate regional forecast, reduce forecast uncertainties, and account for ocean-atmosphere interaction.

EnWeather industry-leading AI combines EnWeather in-House and other third-party NWP data to get the best available forecast.

Our Advantage

Accurate Data Forecasting

Achieve accurate forecast at 1X1km spatial resolution, 15-minute temporal resolution wind, solar radiation (GHI), rainfall, lightning, temperature, humidity, ocean current and wave forecast powered by AI, on an Big Data Platform.

Powerful Computing Resource

Utilizing the world’s most powerful HPC environments to conduct downscaling. Enweather runs on 30000 cores on HPC for operational forecast.

Powered by World’s leading AIoT platform

EnOS™ connects over 50 million sensors and devices with industry-leading AI to improve EnWeather’s forecast accuracy

Provide Insights across Multiple Industries

Strengthen your industry domain expertise by incorporating Enweather for increased capabilities.