AIoT Platform

What is EnOS™ AIoT Platform?

EnOS™ is built on top of open standards and field proven technology. It provides extensive connectivity and ultimate flexibility, accumulates best practices and broad industry knowledge in its design, and operates in a secure and open eco-system. From device connectivity and management, data management, AI-powered analytics, to application development enablement, EnOS™ is a fully integrated edge-to-cloud AIoT platform and provides comprehensive product offerings with end-to-end technical solutions including native service capabilities and best-of-the-breed 3rd-party tool integrations. EnOS™ empowers enterprises and cities to unleash the power generated by the synergy of various data systems, achieving system interoperability and business innovations.

Architecture Diagram

Why EnOS™?

  • Adaptation – Fast, reliable, extensive connectivity at low-cost
  • Best Practices – In-depth domain knowledge and expertise accumulated from years of operational excellence
  • Common Services – Common data services such as weather service to enrich dimensions of data, end-to-end application development toolkits and enablement services to accelerate innovation

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Proven Capabilities

EnOS™ Is World‘s Leading AIoT with 100GW+Managed Assets

EnOS™ Edge

Renewables, distributed power generation, storage, smart grid and other technologies are creating a new energy marketplace that is distributed, multi-directional, multi-point and multi-tenant that poses high demanding on high responsiveness at low cost and edge intelligence. EnOS™ Edge, as the data ingestion frontend of EnOS™ Cloud, adapts thousands of devices and system to connect to EnOS™ and extends the intelligence of EnOS™ Cloud to the edge.

EnOS™ Cloud

Offered as PaaS in the micro-service architecture, provides full range of capabilities for you to connect devices and systems, analyze data, and develop IoT solutions that leverage real-time insights and big data synergy to help you innovate business scenarios and discover new revenue engine. Built with industry know-hows and best practices at each level, EnOS™ Cloud helps lower the technical barrier and development cost, facilitates application innovation, and accelerate your time-to-market.