Antwerp Euroterminal selects Envision Digital to support transition to maximum usage of renewable energy using smart grid solutions

Antwerp, Belgium, 27th July 2023 – Antwerp Euroterminal (“AET”), the largest multipurpose terminal in the Antwerp port, and Envision Digital, the global decarbonization software leader headquartered in Singapore, have partnered to provide critical support for AET’s plans to transition to use 100% renewable energy sources, comprising a mix of wind and solar energy.

Ranked 13th in the top 20 container ports worldwide, and the 2nd largest port in Europe,[1] the Port of Antwerp-Bruges‘s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions amount to 17 million tons each year. [2] Accounting for 10% of Belgium’s total carbon emissions, the Port plans to become the world’s most sustainable port and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 by exploring the use of green energy.

Under the partnership, AET will leverage Envision Digital’s proprietary AloT operating system, EnOSTM, to improve its energy storage management. This will enable AET to reduce up to 25% of peak power demand and achieve cost savings of up to eight percent on total electricity costs through the effective management of both imported and renewable energy prices.

The EnOSTM system will also enhance the capabilities of its electricity grid to withstand and recover from natural disasters and extreme weather events rapidly. This will further support the optimization of AET’s energy generation, consumption, and storage in real-time, ensuring the efficient integration of renewable resources.

“This project marks an essential progression towards decentralization, digitalization, and optimization of our infrastructure,” stated Yves de Larivière, Managing Director at Antwerp Euroterminal NV. “By incorporating microgrids and smart grids into our operations, we are making energy consumption smarter and more adaptive to supply conditions, enabling us to become more efficient and sustainable.”

Maher Chebbo, Europe Managing Director at Envision Digital, said, “We are thrilled to support AET’s decarbonization journey with the deployment of our AloT operating system across their renewable energy systems and infrastructure. Furthermore, the implementation of predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms will also help AET generate valuable insights around their carbon footprint.”

About Antwerp Euroterminal NV

Antwerp Euroterminal is Europe’s biggest multipurpose terminal and the Home Terminal of the Grimaldi Group in Western Europe. Next to Breakbulk and Containers, our terminal handles around 800.000 vehicles per year. With the vehicle market in full transition, AET itself is also redesigning it’s Energy consumption with the aim to actively contribute to a lower carbon footprint of the logistical chain.

About Envision Digital

Envision Digital is the world’s leading net zero technology partner for enterprises, governments, and cities, with the goal of accelerating progress towards carbon-free energy and improving quality of life for all of humanity. The company’s EnOSTM decarbonization platform manages over 220 million devices and 560 Gigawatts of electricity, powering highly configurable, end to end IIOT solutions that use AI to reduce carbon emissions and costs, improve return on capital, and simplify reporting and compliance.  The company has over 1,000 employees and 14 offices across the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Malaysia, China, Japan and the United States, with headquarters in Singapore.

Press contacts:

Envision Digital
Cecilia MONTI
Head of EMEA Marketing

Antwerp Euroterminal NV
Yves De Larivière
Managing Director 

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