Industrial clusters – Working Together to Achieve Net Zero

An Accenture whitepaper, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum

Industrial Clusters: The Net-Zero Challenge

With industry responsible for 30% of total global CO2 emissions, industrial clusters will be a critical player in accelerating the path to net zero. Industrial CO2 emissions are considered some of the most difficult to abate on the path to a net-zero future.

There are many existing initiatives and papers dedicated to reducing industry emissions, focusing on specific technologies or sectors. While these efforts are important and welcome, what is lacking is an emphasis on an integrated approach across sectors.

Industrial Clusters, geographic areas where industries are co-located, provide opportunities for scale, sharing of risk and resources, aggregation and optimization of demand.

This report recommends a multi-stakeholder, integrated approach toward a net-zero future for industrial clusters. We have identified four solutions that can help lower emissions:
• Systemic Efficiency and Circularity
• Direct Electrification and Renewable Heat
• Hydrogen
• Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage