Enview Whitepaper – Flexible grids for a Net Zero Carbon Future

EnView reflects the point of view of Envision Digital on strategic questions related to our area of expertise: decarbonization and full efficiency (“nohuman-touch” “machine-to-machine” optimization).

Envision’s mission focuses on solving the sustainability challenge for mankind. We are convinced that this challenge is vital and urgent but that it can be addressed by the right aligned efforts of all parties (top-down and bottom-up, public and private, corporations and individuals) and by technological innovation, both urgently implemented, with no further ado. With the right technology-enabled set of aligned actions, not only can we reconcile “green” and “growth” but we can indeed enable “green” to feed “growth”.

This edition of EnView is dedicated to Smart Grids and electricity transmission and distribution challenges in an era of growing renewable electricity and electrification of usages

How collective mobilization, supported by AIoT technologies, can ensure that: “GREEN FUELS GROWTH”

EDITION 1: Flexible grids for a Net Zero Carbon future