Envision Digital and SITA Collaborate on Integrated Net-Zero Carbon Solutions

The collaboration aims to create the world’s first integrated net zero carbon airport offering.

[Passenger Terminal Today] Air transport IT provider SITA and Envision Digital, an artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) provider, plan to collaborate and build end-to-end net-zero carbon solutions for airports worldwide.

The companies will work together to build a carbon reduction solution that connects and facilitates real-time data flows in an airport to monitor its real-time carbon footprint, gain data-driven insights, and manage emissions. The partnership intends to synchronize airports’ energy silos, drive efficiencies and reduce energy consumption while maintaining traveler comfort and enabling more efficient operations as the aviation industry rebounds. To support airports reducing their carbon emissions in this way, the collaboration will apply digitalization, data management and artificial intelligence to energy and smart airport buildings, transportation and operations.

Sergio Colella, SITA president for Europe, said, “According to ACI, 235 airports across Europe have committed to net zero by 2050, and more than 90 airports are now set to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. With Envision Digital and SITA working together, we can help these airports in their journey towards meeting their sustainability commitments, combining solutions that optimize airport operations to reduce local emissions while optimizing infrastructure-related energy consumption.”

David Lavorel, CEO of airports and borders at SITA, said, “This collaboration with Envision Digital will enable airports to act and operationalize their net-zero pledges. With our best-in-class technologies, we are creating the world’s first fully integrated net-zero carbon solutions for the air transport industry to help them gain actionable insights and achieve their sustainability targets.”

Michael Ding, global executive director at Envision Digital, said, “Airports have been progressive in their ambition to reach net zero, and this partnership combining our AIoT leadership with SITA’s technology capabilities, will create the end-to-end net zero carbon aviation solution needed by the industry to reach their goal.”

For more information, please visit:  www.envision-group.com