CABLE Partners with Envision Digital to Provide AI-Backed Green Solution to Spain and Portugal

Rotterdam – 06 October 2020 – CABLE Energía (“CABLE”), the sustainable Spanish infrastructure specialist, and Envision Digital International (“Envision Digital”), a global green tech and Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) technology leader, have announced a partnership around the combination of smart mobility and distributed renewables, supporting the national plans of Spain and Portugal to take demand response and storage solutions to markets.

This partnership is aligned with the Government of Spain’s National Plan on Energy and Climate (PNIEC), which aims to make the country a reference destination for deploying end-user solutions and energy communities, thanks to the applied digital technology sector’s research and development (R&D). This partnership complements CABLE’s existing capabilities, allowing the company to emerge as a total solutions provider and digital transformation leader in popularising sustainable transportation fuelled by renewables in Portugal and Spain.

Under the collaboration, CABLE will perform front and back-end optimisation of the meter microgrid, as well as providing ancillary services to local and national networks operators. The first setup consists of implementing Envision Digital’s cloud-based advanced analytics applications and remote monitoring system on CABLE’s existing asset portfolio. In the second phase, these solutions will be utilised by CABLE for future projects in the pipeline. The capabilities provided by Envision Digital will enhance CABLE’s competitive edge when operating in local communities, optimising electrical fleets and executing Operation and Maintenance (O&M) projects – supporting its strategic ambition to grow in these domains.

Dr. Jesus Nieto-Martin, Chief Technology Officer, CABLE, said: “Our partnership with Envision Digital will bring best-in-class technologies for our current activities, deploying energy services for the electromobility sector, which spans from Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) to communities participating in distributed renewable energy throughout local and regional markets. Our joint business vision is to create a digitised world where clean energy is easily accessible to the masses and propel the electrification of transportation. This is a game-changer for us. By reinventing our business approach to stay ahead of competition, we will enhance our mojo of providing innovation to our clients, as well as attracting more investors and consumers into the sustainable infrastructure sector.”

Driven by machine learning, Envision Digital provides an energy operating system and platform, “EnOS”, for “ready-made” vertical applications around monitoring, advanced analytics, forecasting, and optimising applications and visualisations that provide insights to help organisations better manage their energy assets’ performance as well as clients to develop their own AIoT applications.

“The integration of “edge-to-cloud” AIoT applications will improve CABLE’s operational efficiencies by rapidly analysing large volumes of data across various assets on a particular microgrid setting, along with its impact and interaction with a network. This automated process will eliminate some of the uncertainties regarding the best approach to managing large fleets of electric vehicles (EVs), while allowing us to realise cost savings resulting from the combination of distributed renewables and identifying potential impacts on the grid. These benefits would significantly enhance CABLE’s value proposition to existing and potential customers,” added Dr. Nieto-Martin.

“Envision Digital is excited to partner with CABLE, supporting the Iberian market’s ambition of reaching their renewable and electromobility goals. We are convinced that the green economy can fuel a new wave of economic growth, and access to affordable renewable energy for the masses is foundational to that. We are equally convinced that this transition will pose great challenges to electric grids, and that these changes cannot be accomplished without the support of AIoT technology. CABLE will take Envision Digital’s AIoT and technological solutions to the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Those technologies were developed and optimised over an extended period, which are currently supporting 180 gigawatts of assets that includes distributed generation, communities of energies and EV batteries. Those technologies will smoothen the impact on electric grids as well as improve the productivity of renewable energy assets and e-mobility solutions, thereby critically speeding up their deployment and adoption,” said Sylvie Ouziel, International President, Envision Digital.

“This partnership with CABLE supports the European ambitions of Envision Digital and it complements existing successes. Envision Digital signed AIoT deals with numerous major European oil and gas companies, as well as utilities providers, enabling them to monitor and optimise their international renewable assets. Envision Digital is deploying major decarbonisation programs in the UK that embeds building efficiency, distributed solar generation and storage. Envision Digital also supports its European AESC EV and stationary storage solutions with “smart” battery management systems, controllers, and orchestration tools. More recently, Envision Digital launched its EV charging solution “Charging By EnOS” in Europe,” added Ouziel.


About CABLE Energía:

CABLE specialises in deploying distributed infrastructure to power the electric transportation transition. It covers the end-to-end process from investment, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and operational services for distributed systems, encompassing EV chargers and renewable generation paired with storage. With a strong foundation in sustainable infrastructure deployment nationally and internationally, CABLE´s exponential growth is helped by strategic alliances with key sector players such as Envision Digital.

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About Envision Digital:

Envision Digital is a global AIoT technology leader headquartered in Singapore, with more than 500 employees across 12 offices in China, France, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Envision Digital owns EnOS™ – the world-class AIoT operating system that currently connects and manages more than 63 million smart devices and 180 gigawatts of energy assets globally. Its monitoring, advanced analytics, forecasting, and optimising applications provide insights to help clients better manage their assets and portfolio performance. Its offering extends to Smart Renewables (Solar, Wind); Smart Cities; Connected Energy; and Smart Plants – partnering governments and companies in their digital transformation journey.

As a major player in AIoT operating systems, Envision Digital is growing an ecosystem of partners to enable energy and digital transformation globally. Its growing list of more than 250 customers and partners spans 10 industries and includes: Accenture, Amazon Web Services, Autogrid, Microsoft, Nissan, PSA International, Sonnen, Tableau and Total.

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