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We’re working to reverse climate change by re-inventing the world’s energy ecosystem.

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Customer Stories

Singapore’s PSA Decarbonizes the Future with IoT and Smart Grid

How can one of the world’s busiest ports champion a more sustainable society? With a smart grid that is intelligent and autonomous.

Microsoft Leapfrogs Energy Innovation

How is a Tech Giant paving the way to a clean energy future?
With intelligent building management capabilities that reduces CO₂ emission by ~42 tonnes annually.


CABLE Scales Innovation to Mainstream Electromobility

Why is a sustainable infrastructure company empowering local energy communities with advanced technologies?​ To break through solution constraints and help the world accelerate decarbonization.​


Indorama Builds Sustainability into Operations with Digital Platform Pilot​

How can digital platform technology help a leading chemical manufacturer become energy efficient? By enabling smart plants that deliver real-time energy insights.

Smart Plants

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